The secret to getting slow humans out the door real fast

The secret to getting slow humans out the door real fast

Hello, dog-friends. Yukon here. For my first article in the WooferField Journal I will give advice on something way big important for us dogs: getting your human out the door. Your human needs to go for walks. So do we. But sometimes they're just sitting there when it's time to go. Here's how to get humans moving, even slow-moving humans like mine.

First, you can use your wonderful body to show your human it's time to go. Check out my picture above. I'm irresistible, huh? My tail is wagging, so they know fun is going to happen. I've dropped my shoulders a little so that they know I'm ready to play. My mouth is slightly open, as if I might bust out barking. Basically, you want to show your humans that they could either have fun with you or see how much damage you could cause having fun all by yourself. Practice this look on your own while you are patrolling your house. When done well, this look alone will cause a well-trained human to jump up like I do when they leave treats on the counter.

If they're still slow to move, then you need to get tough with them. Bring them stuff. It doesn't really matter what: one of their shoes, the spatula off the kitchen counter, a paint brush. For some reason, they really get moving when you bring them stuff.  

Once they finally get moving, you want them to get out fast. I mean, why wait for a walk? My human used to take forever wandering around our house getting stuff for our walk.  Now I have trained my human to put everything we need for a walk (treats, poop bag, treats, leash, and treats) in a WooferField Wag Hip Pack. My human grabs the bag, clips it on his waist, and away we go.

It look me a little while to train my human and all this, but now that I have, we can get out the door in less time than it takes me to chase a squirrel out of the backyard. 

As always, if you have questions or stories for me to share, let me know. Use your human's email to contact me at

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