Keep your human on a good leash

Keep your human on a good leash

Hello dog friends. I've been thinking a lot lately about how good it has been to have my humans around so much this year. It's much easier for me to make them feel better when they are around, and for them to make me feel better, too. Of course, going out for walkies to sniff the bushes and see cats and bunnies and dog friends is great, too. The trick to doing walkies and keeping your human close to you is to keep your humans on a leash. That way, if you stop to sniff a bush or glare at a squirrel or whatever, you know your human is still there with you.  

Leashes also give you some flexibility. This year my human hasn't wanted to get close to other humans, which I don't really understand. I like to get right up close to my dog friends, like I am in the picture above with my friend Bella. We were talking about which Thanksgiving pie we liked better: pumpkin or apple. It was an awesome conversation. And while Bella and I were chatting, our humans were still attached by the leash while they looked at the holiday lights. 

However, when you have your human on a leash you have to remember that humans are not as fast or as aware as we dogs are, because leashes can be dangerous. One time on a walk I saw a bunny that wanted to be chased. I took off after it, but my human didn't even realize there was a bunny there. (Not sure how my human didn't know there was a bunny there, but as I always say, he is only human.) So my human was just standing there while I was flying after the bunny, and the webbing of the leash cut his hand. Later on I scolded the lease for hurting my human. Bad leash! Bad!

My friend Buko recently told me that his humans at WaterField Designs have come up with what looks like a much better leash. They call it the Wag Dog Leash. There's a picture of his friend Bowie with the leash. I'm glad to see that the handle looks softer, so it won't hurt my human's hand the next time I chase a bunny. It also has a reflective stripe on it, so that people in cars will see my human when we're out for a night-time walkie.  

My human has been pretty good this year, so I think I'll get him a Wag Dog Leash.

As always, if you have questions or thoughts to share in the WooferField Journal, just email me at You can see the fun stuff my humans are working on at WaterField Designs. And remember to take care of your humans. They need you.


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