Multitasking while napping

Multitasking while napping

Hey Yukon,

I saw your response to Max and Swoop's question about napping. I have found that I can monitor my human at the same time I take a nap. I do it by falling asleep on his arm. That way, if he moves, I know it. Add in the bunnies that I'm chasing in my dreams, and I'm doing three things (napping, monitoring, chasing) at once. I thought you might like to share this idea with your readers. 

Your friend,



Hey Buko,

It's great to see you again, and thanks for the good suggestion. You have excellent napping technique for such a young pup. However, if you find your human is trying to sneak away from you mid-nap, you may want to lie on more than just an arm. I like to put my head on his tummy. It's really hard for my human to sneak away, even when I'm in the middle of chasing bunnies in my dreams.

If you have any more questions or stories for me to share, email me at You can see the fun stuff my humans are working on at WaterField Designs. And remember to take care of your humans. They need you.

Keep growing!

Your friend,


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