Away from home without your humans?  Don't panic!

Away from home without your humans? Don't panic!

Hello dog friends. This time I want to cover a topic I know a lot about: what to do when you discover you're on a walk by yourself.

It's happened to all of us. You see something interesting through an opening in your home's front door. Being a good guard dog, you go out to investigate. Then you see a squirrel that desperately needs to be chased. Then you might pick up a scent trail or something. Eventually you look up, and your human is nowhere around. You can't even see your home. 

This might seem like no big deal, because we dogs are excellent at getting around. But it is terribly important because your human gets really scared when you're not around. I mean, really, how are your humans going to get along if your not around to look after them?  

Fortunately, you can usually find a human who will want to take you back to your home. But the problem is that humans don't speak dog, so you can't just tell them that you live next to the storm drain that three raccoons crawled out of last night. Instead, you have to make it super simple for the humans by wearing what they call a "dog tag". It gives your human's address on it. I put my "dog tag" on my Wag Dog Collar, which blends perfectly with my glorious golden fur coat. But even better, you can get your Wag Dog Collar with your information laser-etched onto the outside in big letters, so that humans can see your name more easily. I had my human put my name on it, and his phone number, too, so that people who find me away from home can call my human and tell him that they will save the day and bring me home. The bonus is that humans will always give you some pettings, maybe even some treats, while they help you get back home.

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Have fun, my friends, and take care of your humans!

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