What to get your human for Christmas

What to get your human for Christmas

Hey Yukon,

I liked your reply to my friend Tucker, so I thought I'd write you about a couple of things. First, I want Santa and everybody out there to know that I am on the Nice List, not the Naughty List. That thing that happened with my human's slippers could've happened to anybody.  

Next, I love my human and want to get him the best gift possible, so I got him some great treats, but then I ate them. So what should I get my human for Christmas so that he knows how nice I am?

Your friend, 



Hey Murphy,

It's great to see you again. My guess is that it was the raccoons who created problems with your human's slippers. I am sure you are definitely on the Nice List, and that your human knows that. 

In terms of what to get your human, I try to think of what I would like. My human likes me, so he would like what I like, right?  I had the same problem as you when I tried giving my human dog treats. In previous years I gave my human a terrific gift: a gift certificate for one hour of snuggling with me. My human loved it!

This year, my friends at WooferField Designs have some good gifts for your human, and you. The Wag Hip Pack will get you out the door sooner on walks, and the Wag Dog Leash will keep your human nearby and protect him in case you come across a squirrel that requires high speed pursuit.  (I'm still upset with my old leash for hurting my human when I had to chase a bunny.) 

I hope this helps you Murphy. Remember to pay extra attention to your humans during the holidays. They get very busy, and need us even more. Remember to take some holiday naps, too. And tell your friends to contact me at HeyYukon@sfbags.com. You can see the fun stuff my humans are working on at WaterField Designs.

Happy Holidays,



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