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Non-slip underside
Non-slip underside
Comes in two sizes
Comes in two sizes
Suspension strap on SleeveCase
Suspension strap on SleeveCase
Suspension Strap
Suspension Strap

Suspension Shoulder Strap

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The Suspension Shoulder Strap comes with its own built-in, non-slip Padded Shoulder Pad. Convert your SleeveCase to a stand-alone bag in a snap.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Nylon webbing and metal hardware
  • Available in black or brown webbing
  • Non-Slip underside material


  • Length adjustable to 54”

We have two different width sizes of the Suspension Strap for the different types of bags you would like to attach them to:

  • The 1.0" Suspension Strap:
    - Use with the SleeveCase or Tech Folio.
    - Works best with lighter loads
    - The padded non-slip shoulder pad keeps the strap from slipping off
    - Also works with any other bag or case with D-rings attached

  • 1.5" Suspension Strap:
    - This is included with our Mac Pro Go Case
    - Works best with bags or cases carrying heavier loads
    - The padded non-slip shoulder pad keeps the strap from slipping off
    - Also works with other bags or cases with D-rings attached

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Good strap, with minor material flaw

I bought a few mini suspension straps to use with various small bags (Waterfield and other brands), because they are durable and well made, not aways the case with smaller straps. I now own four. However, in each case the shiny black material on top of the pad eventually frayed badly and began pealing off. Disappointing. I still use them, after scraping off the remainder of the flaky material. Underneath it is a dull grey/brown, not particularly attractive but acceptable. It might actually look decent with a brown color strap, which might be my next purchase.


Suspension Shoulder Strap

Great strap

Fit without issue. Great quality

Attractive and highly functional

The perfect bag to carry my iPad Pro at a very good price. I’m enjoying carrying it.


Top quality!

What is the difference between a Simple Strap and a Suspensions Strap

The Simple Strap is all nylon, no shoulder pad included. The Suspension Strap has its own built-in shoulder pad which has a soft grippy underside that stays on your shoulder.

Can I use your Straps with a third party bag or case?

No problem. So long as bag or case has hardware for the strap to attache, it will work.

Can I use your Shoulder Pads with a third party strap?

Yes. The Shoulder Pads can be used with any strap 1.5" - 2".

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