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Pocket can also be used for cash and cards
Pocket can also be used for cash and cards
Fits in your pocket
Fits in your pocket
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below

Suede Jacket for iPhone

Fits NEW iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR.
See What Fits tab for other models.

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The minimalist Ultrasuede® Suede Jacket prevents scratches and minor dings. Fits the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Ideal for keeping the all-glass iPhone looking new.

Tuck your EarPods, Lightning headphone jack adapter, or Bluetooth AirPods in the stretchy back pocket which lies flat when empty. Now you can slide your iPhone easily into your shirt or jeans' pocket. It also doubles as a screen cleaner in a pinch.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing shop in San Francisco.

-Soft Ultrasuede®

- Optional Pocket
- Sized for "naked" iPhone or iPhone with Apple Case
- Doubles as a screen cleaner

The iPhone Suede Jacket fits:

  1. Size #7:
    • iPhone XS Max “naked”
    • iPhone 7/8 Plus "naked"
  2. Size #8:
    • iPhone XS Max w. Apple Protective Case
    • iPhone 7/8 Plus w. Apple Protective Case
  3. Size #9:
    • iPhone XS "naked"
    • iPhone X "naked"
  4. Size #10:
    • iPhone XS w. Apple Protective Case
    • iPhone X w. Apple Protective Case
  5. Size #11:
    • iPhone XR "naked"
  6. Size #12:
    • iPhone XR w. Apple Protective Case
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Review: Waterfield Designs Suede Jacket

MacRumors - May 31, 2011

"The suede feels nice and the stitching is very well done."
"The suede is also soft enough that it can be used to clean the front and back glass on the phone, which I find very handy since I seem to get fingerprints all over the phone fairly quickly."
"When using a full fledged case, one of the things I enjoy most is that I can sit the phone down on a table (or really any other surface) and not worry about the bottom of the phone getting scratched up. I now find myself sitting the phone on top of this sleeve all the time while working at a desk, where I can see the phone in all its beauty without a thick case surrounding it."
"...fantastic alternative if you want to use your phone without adding any additional bulk. I feel no difference in my pocket with our without the sleeve on. It is very thin and will prevent things like change and keys from scratching up the phone while in your pocket."
"Great price considering the quality of this sleeve."

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WaterField Designs iPhone Suede Jacket Review

SlinkyStudio - March 20, 2014

"Ultrasuede® hugs the iPhone making sure it doesn't spring out when you don't intend it to."
"The suede material is thin and light, but manages to add a solid exterior layer of protection to the iPhone. The Suede Jacket is available to hold the iPhone 5/5s/5c/ and iPhone 4/4s. There is a separate larger version which will slip over an iPhone when already in a separate fitted case, so it can be useful even if you should crave greater protection."
"The firm hug of the WaterField Designs iPhone Suede Jacket, coupled with its natural protection, creates a nice low profile protective solution when you want to keep your iPhone in your pocket or within a bag."

Rating: 4/5 stars

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Reviewed: WaterField Designs iPhone Suede Jacket

TravGear.com - May 20, 2014

A custom-made mesh pocket for earphones, keys cards, and cash make this a handy smartphone slip for short trips and nights out.

Recommendation: BUY

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Smooth looking!

I really like my Suede Jacket! 2 suggestions potentially- maybe a tab on the end to hold onto when sliding your phone in. My other suggestion is maybe a snap or little bit of Velcro at the top of the pocket - when your cell is in the sleeve any cards in there stay snug, but when you take your cell out the cards fall out if the sleeve tips. I'd be willing to pay more for those!

Not what I thought it was

It somehow looked different in the pictures. Not sure what I expected, but this isn't it.

Nice one

This is my second suede jacket, it’s simple and does the job protecting my screen, I like to use when I am traveling, I just put my phone inside my backpack and I don’t need to worry about scratches. It’s a good choice and it’s well made it.

#10 Suede Jacket for iPhone

I have both the #9 & #10 suede jackets and I love them. They’re beautifully crafted, they fit perfectly and I especially like that they’re washable. Having both covers all my phone protection needs & desires. Thank you for such great products!!!

Couldn’t have asked for a better jacket

I recently ordered a Seude Jacket Case for my iPhone XS Max and am extremely impressed with the quality of this product. It’s perfect for going to and from work, the gym, or a night on the town. I’m able to keep my phone and several cards to get me through my day.

  • 3rd iPhone. 3rd case. Happy customer!
    - Holly M., Indiana
  • Perfect case for my iPhone 6.
    - Jim C., Idaho
  • Best phone/tablet/laptop bags ever!
    - Norman R., Arizona
  • loved it well made iphone loves it
    - Ralph I., Bronx NY
  • Works great. I'd buy it again.
    - Sergio D., Oakland