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Holds Credit Cards, Commuter Card, & Cash
Holds Credit Cards, Commuter Card, & Cash
The super-thin Spike Wallet
The super-thin Spike Wallet
Business Card Size fits cards, cash and ID
Business Card Size fits cards, cash and ID
Wallet Size fits US dollars & credit cards
Wallet Size fits US dollars & credit cards
Business Card Size (back)
Business Card Size (back)
Grizzly Brown Leather
Grizzly Brown Leather
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below
Grizzly Brown Leather
Grizzly Brown Leather

Spike Wallet

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Low Profile. High Standards. The ultra-minimalist, premium leather Spike Wallet ages beautifully. It holds just the essentials—business cards, credit cards, and a bit of cash. The International Size holds larger foreign currency. You can even slip your house key inside, stash the Spike in your pocket and head out. You'll barely know it's there, but you'll have everything you really need.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Grizzly brown, naturally-tanned, distressed, full-grain leather

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Business Card: 4.3" x 2.5", 1 oz.
  • Wallet: 4.3" x 3", 1 oz.
  • International: 4.3" x 3.25", 1 oz.

  • Minimalist wallet for just the very essentials
  • Made from a single cut of cowhide
Three sizes to accommodate different currencies:

  1. Business Card Size:
    • for business cards, credit cards, loyalty cards or IDs.

  2. Wallet Size:
    • for US dollars, credit cards, business cards.

  3. International Size:
    • for larger foreign currencies.

WaterField Spike Wallet – A Thin Wallet For Your Non-Digital Items [Review]

WaterField Spike Wallet – A Thin Wallet For Your Non-Digital Items [Review]

GStyle Magazine - May 28, 2015 “Overall, the WaterField Spike Wallet is a great item for those who are already adopting digital payments. There are still some things we need to carry around with us and for those things, you don’t need a giant, fat wallet. Something like this will get the job done and not only that, it looks good doing it.”

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Review: Waterfield Designs Spike Wallet

Run Around Tech - March 26, 2015 “The Spike wallet from Waterfield Designs is a modern take on a classic design that succeeds on every front a small wallet should: it's handsome, has a small form factor, and is easy to open and close.”

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Waterfield Designs Spike Wallet review

The Gadgeteer - April 8, 2015 “The Spike Wallet has become my only card case. Its minimalist design and high-grade materials gets the attention of people when we exchange business cards.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

great product

Spike Wallet

Product as advertised.

A great pouch for any of your needs

I’ve been using the Spike Wallet for a couple of months now and I can certainly say it was a great purchase. As you would expect without question it carries Waterfields distinctive traits of quality and true workmanship. However, as a brand they also excel in product design. As a result with the Spike Wallet you have a product which could be used for a number of purposes - rather than strictly for business cards, credit cards or cash. In my case, I use my Spike Wallet as a pouch for my ear buds as I’m a motorcyclist I wear ear protection - and this Wallet protects them perfectly when they’re not protecting me.

Minimal wallet nice leather

The wallet is doing great so far. I was looking for a minimal leather wallet and this one is great. I may try the international one next.

Very slim. Perfect.


  • stylish, durable: aging better than me
    - Chris M., Indiana
  • World-class service, quality, and people.
    - Josh C., New Jersey
  • Best wallet ever. Never need another!
    - Owen S., Alberta
  • Timeless,Classic,Understated. Less is more.
    - Rodney C., East Sussex UK