All bags are designed and made in our San Francisco workshop
Air Caddy fits in front airline seat
Air Caddy fits in front airline seat
Easy access Air Caddy slips in Air Porter front pocket
Easy access Air Caddy slips in Air Porter front pocket
Air Caddy goes in the seat back pocket
Air Caddy goes in the seat back pocket
Store what you need within easy reach
Store what you need within easy reach
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below
Super slim profile
Super slim profile
Sized to fit a tablet for in-flight entertainment
Sized to fit a tablet for in-flight entertainment
Air Caddy in Waxed Canvas
Air Caddy in Waxed Canvas
Air Caddy in Ballistic Nylon
Air Caddy in Ballistic Nylon

Air Caddy

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Keep essentials close by. The Air Caddy helps travelers stay productive and comfortable at 35,000 feet. Designed with input from customers who fly a lot, the Air Caddy fits behind the seat back pocket for easy access. 

NOTE: A big THANK YOU to our customers who helped design the Air Porter, the next generation in-flight travel carry over a period of months. See the journey from idea to product here

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Black nylon or waxed canvas base

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Caddy: 12 x 8 x 1.25 inches; 5 oz.


  • YKK Locking Zippers


  • Air Porter fits Air Caddy in front pocket
  • Air Caddy fits in front airline seat
The Air Porter and Caddy work in tandem and can also be ordered separately. The following devices can fit into each:
  1. Caddy:
    • 11" iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio
    • Other similarly-sized tablets
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Waterfield Air Porter carry-on bag review

Gadgeteer - December 16, 2017

"The Waterfield Air Porter carry-on bag is a perfect bag for traveling. It’s large enough for just about anything you want to carry, yet small enough to fit under airline seats for easy reach."

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Waterfield Designs Air Porter Review: Your New Carry-On

GottaBeMobile - November 14, 2017

"This is the ultimate carry on bag for frequent fliers. No more choosing between legroom and a laptop bag when you fly."

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The WaterField Air Porter and Air Caddy Are Great… but Is WaterField Making a Mistake?

GearDiary - November 13, 2017

"Waterfield set out to make a great travel bag and … mission accomplished. Whether you only get the Air Porter or you get the Air Porter in combination with the Air Caddy, you are sure to appreciate the design, the craftsmanship and, most importantly, the functionality of this Waterfield offering; both are great for travel."

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The Air Porter from Waterfield Designs

Joe Cieplinski - October 26, 2017

"If you’re in the market for a travel carry-on that’s designed with a ton of thought and attention to detail, that’s made in America by people who are paid decent wages, and that will last for many years to come (I’m about to enter year 8 for my Muzetto) the Air Porter is certainly worth a look."

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WaterField Designs Air Porter review: The bag for business travelers

ZDNet - September 25, 2017

"The WaterField Designs Air Porter was created in collaboration with customers who travel and is perfect for those who find themselves on airplanes to get work done."

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Fantastic iPad Pro bag from SFBags!

The Air Caddy is a perfect bag to use for a flight or to carry your iPad Pro 11 around with you during the day with space for a few cables, AirPods, a charger and the pencil. And it’s well made with top quality material!

Waterfield Air Caddy

The concept for this small bag is not new, but it is well executed here. Space for an iPad and a few accessories. Well built and it fits easily within the sleeve with my MacBook in the Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall. Great job!


Air Caddy

Perfect Carry-aAll Type Pouch For iPad & Other Accessories

When I travel, it is super helpful to have my iPad, Airpods, and a couple of other items in one spot that I can pull out of my main bag. I also often carry my iPad and those same peripherals on their own. This was a perfect solution - helps you to stay organized. The quality of the pouch is great, with the orange/gold lining - makes it easy to find everything. When I'm not moving around, it's nice to also keep those items in one place while I'm at home - I keep the pouch on a counter. Enjoying the organization!

Just what the doctor ordered

The Air Caddy suits my needs perfectly. I fly often for business and use an iPad rather than laptop for inflight work. The Air Caddy allows me to keep my iPad Air, iPhone, cables, reading glasses and Bose noise-cancelling earbuds all handy in the seat-back pocket while my briefcase is either under the seat in front of me or in the overhead storage bin. It makes retrieving items I need a breeze. The quality and utility inspired me to also purchase the Dopp Kit and the Tech Pocket. Waterfielding my life has been good.

How do you suggest I clean the ballistic nylon?

The ballistic nylon is *very* durable and will take scrubbing with a stiff brush and mild soap. Blot with towels/rags and let the case dry out. This should have the case looking good as new.

How do you suggest I clean the waxed canvas?

Waxed Canvas isn’t the easiest item on the planet to clean - part of the character-building process with Waxed Canvas is how it ages with scuffs, dirt, stains and all. Still, there are things you can do. This article gives you a good idea of how to clean and re-wax if and when you are ready. They suggest using dish soap and soft brush to clean, then drip dry, then take a hot hairdryer to heat up the wax and redistribute it. This will soften any blemishes and help with the dirt. The lines and crinkles on the waxed canvas are actually normal, and happens in shipping sometimes. All you have to do is use a hair dryer and you can flatten out the wax with your hand.

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  • "Very well-made with great materials and very fine tolerances on details such as stitching."
    - Doug S., Utah
  • "Everything I've wanted in an air-travel bag."
    - John H., Troy, USA
  • "Am on the road 90% for work. This bag is not just a home run; it's a grand slam."
    - Scott E.