Air Porter Carry-On Bag
Available in Ballistic Nylon (L) or Waxed Canvas (R)
The Air Caddy and Air Porter carry all your flight essentials
Store in-flight essentials
In-case charging
Charge your laptop before & during flight
Conveniently access your small items
For water bottles and mini umbrellas
Front zippered secret pocket
Removable Suspension Strap
Air Porter Comes with Suspension Strap
Zip through the airport easily
Slim profile maximizes leg room under the seat
OPTIONAL: Matching Air Caddy stores items for in-flight entertainment (sold separately)
Padded pocket for tablet
Self-locking zippers secure contents
Super slim profile to fit in airline seat back pocket
Available in matching waxed canvas or ballistic nylon in four sizes (sold separately)
OPTIONAL: Slip Air Caddy into Air Porter's front pocket
Air Porter (waxed canvas with chocolate leather)
Short Flap secures the pockets underneath
Air Porter (waxed canvas with grizzly leather)
Air Porter (ballistic with chocolate leather)

Air Porter Carry-On Bag


Optional Air Caddy holds iPad for in-flight entertainment

-998 in stock

Designed with input from customers who fly frequently, the feature-rich Air Porter carry-on stands upright under the seat so you can stretch your legs, and the Air Caddy fits in the seat-back pocket for easy in-flight access.


All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • 1050 Denier black ballistic nylon or waxed canvas base
  • Naturally-tanned full-grain leather accents
  • More details here

Dimensions & Weight:

  • One size:
  • 15" (l) x 4.5" (w) x 10.25” (h); 2.4 lbs.
    38.10 (l) x 11.43 (w) x 26.04 (h) cm; 1.08 kg
    Volume: 11.25 liters


  • Splash-proof YKK Zippers
  • Two N35 rare earth magnets


  • Dual main compartments separate tech and personal items.
  • The back has a passthrough slot for slipping over a suitcase handle.
  • Padded laptop sleeve has a corner cut-out to permit in-case charging.
  • Dual leather-covered handles facilitate a quick grab after TSA screening.
  • Interior key fob stores home keys for easy recovery after a long return flight.
  • Tech compartment has a padded laptop sleeve and pockets for accessories.
  • Waterproof exterior zippers and water-resistant lining help block the elements.
  • The two sides have pockets that snap open to to store water bottles or umbrella.
  • A full grain leather flap closes securely over the front pocket with magnetic clasps.
  • Includes removable, adjustable Supreme Suspension Shoulder Strap for carrying comfort.
  • The exterior front pocket has an additional secure, zippered pocket for storing sensitive items.
  • The other compartment is deeper with more organizational pockets for work documents and bulkier items.





This product was designed with customers who gave input from idea to production. See the process here.

  • Domestic: Flat rate 2-day shipping.  Details.
  • International: 2-3 business day delivery. Country duty/tax calculated at Checkout. Details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews
Dominic G. (Texas, United States)
Absolutely Love the Air Porter - All Around All-Star

The Air Porter could be a legitimate everyday carry (EDC) bag for most people; It's so much more than just a small personal item carry on bag and you guys should market it as such. My only minor quibble is that the side pockets are sewn in such a way that a lot of volumetric space is lost and, as such, the variety of items that can be stored in those places is limited.

Also, I ordered just a few days before the holiday gift was being offered and am super jealous that I'm not getting that beautiful titanium forza 6x9 gear case that's on offer with orders of over $200. I paid almost 2.5 times that! :)

Dan H. (Iowa, United States)
Excellent Bag

Very durable, functional. Great as an everyday briefcase and as a travel briefcase .

Tom S. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Air Porter Extraordinaire!

This bag is the perfect carryon bag. Plenty of organized and easy access space for tech needs AND a full compartment for any other travel needs that all store upright/vertically under the airline seat in front of you. Shoulder strap optional, it even has slots for water/umbrellas, and simple access for travel documents on the outside of the bag. I loved this bag so much, I bought 7 more for my entire staff as Holiday gifts. Incredible quality and craftsmanship too. No more backpacks or duplicate carryon bags ever needed. It is a good investment for anyone who travels.

Heather K. (New Jersey, United States)
I love my Air Porter Carry On Bag

So much to love. It is made in the US. The materials are substantial, holding up to (ab)use of air travel. It has pockets to keep me organized. It holds the travel essentials I am unwilling to check. As promised it handily fits under the seat in front of me.

Lucas N. (Aichi, Japan)
A Serious Bag for Serial Travelers

I have always been a serial over-packer. My backpack has often outweighed my carry-on or even my checked baggage. overstuffed, overweight, and horrifically bad for my back. So when said backpack finally gave way to wear-and-tear right before a big move to another country, I decided it was time to downsize (read: upgrade) to something more stylish and manageable.

Admittedly, I have never spent more than two digits for a bag before, so needless to say I was nervous about committing to it, and the nerves from my impending emigration weren't keen on reassuring me. However after doing some digging I decided to bite the bullet and haven't looked back.

So let's take a look at this silver bullet of a carry-on bag, shall we?
ORGANIZATION: Best I've had with a bag. Simple to find pockets with comfortable levels of depth and size make the puzzle of packing much simpler. Being able to know where my charger is without having to dig through the bag is a breath of fresh air, and knowing that the contents are snug enough that they won't have fallen out eases the mind.

SIZE/SPACE: Comfortable. Waterfield advertises storage that allows leg room even if you're flying economy. And they deliver. As someone with rather long legs, seeing these dimensions in action made me rather giddy. The bag itself expands decently enough, and can comfortably hold a couple books, a day pack, chargers, a tablet, and a laptop. Although my 16 inch Macbook pokes around the edges of the laptop sleeve, I never have trouble zipping it up. It fits snuggly and is well protected. No complaints. I wouldn't, however, suggest adding a pair of shoes to the bag. They will fit, but the bag, and you, will not be comfortable.

DURABILITY: I am notoriously tough on my articles. Even after a month and some of daily abuse, it still looks like new. I have taken it through layovers, rain, long walks through the forest, and to work every day. It's built to last, and it shows. The zippers in particular are wonderful. They tend to be the first thing to break on a bag, so seeing Waterfield opt for the more expensive and durable (waterproof!) zippers is just wonderful. The D-rings used for attaching the shoulder strap to the bag have started to have the layer of black shave off on the main point of contact, but that's to be expected with intensive use (plus it's completely unnoticeable unless you look for it). speaking of the D-rings, the detachable shoulder strap that comes with the bag is phenomenal. No expense is spared on the clips, nor the comfort of the shoulder pad. The material has nice grip so that it doesn't slip off your shoulder even at a brisk pace, allowing you to stride without that odd body tilt we all do if we hold our shoulder bag suspect. Refreshing.

STYLE: Realized. Identity crisis? Who? Not the Waterfield Air-Porter. It's no exaggeration to say that It looks just as good as the photos, if not better. The waxed canvas and leather acquires character with use, and it accentuates a lot of wardrobes nicely. When a bag can speak louder than an outfit can, it is important that the one you carry isn't leaving you looking like you're waltzing across the dance floor looking like a wine-stained white suit. While I cannot speak on the other styles offered I have no reason to doubt their authenticity to what's shown on the site.
Has owning this bag solved my serial over-packing of carry-ons? No, but that's not what it's supposed to do. What it does do is exceed expectations. Now that my move to Japan has officially been completed, I can easily say that this bag has been my closest friend when it comes to all things travel. I still find it to be a little expensive, but quality like this isn't found in the suitcase section of Ross.

Special shout out to the lad or lass who indulged my special request with that amazing drawing of a goldfish included with the bag. You're a legend.

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Review: WaterField’s Air Porter laptop bag offers executive style and function

9to5Toys - December 12, 2017

“If you take lots of business trips and need a bag to match, this is the perfect choice for you.”

{ diy['media8_title'] }}

WaterField Air Porter laptop bag review: A carry-on you’ll want to carry forever

Macworld - October 18, 2018

“Somehow WaterField manages to turn this bag into something that’s both incredibly portable yet capable of carrying fairly hefty loads, making it a perfect companion for both the streets and the skies.”

Macworld Editor's Choice - 4.5 out of 5

{ diy['media7_title'] }}

Review: WaterField Designs’ Air Porter & Air Caddy Are Handcrafted for the World Traveler

MacTrast - June 12, 2018

“The WaterField Designs Air Porter and Air Caddy...combine their design powers, field-testing, craftsmanship and upgraded materials to make your traveling experience better with more legroom.”

RATING: 4.5/5.0

{ diy['media6_title'] }}

Waterfield Air Porter – A new take on the personal business bag

Baker On Tech - February 11, 2018

"If you’re like me, receptive to well-made and creative new designs that help us work effectively, stay organized, and has a place for all of our essentials while travelling, give this new product strong consideration."

{ diy['media5_title'] }}

Waterfield Air Porter carry-on bag review

Gadgeteer - December 16, 2017

"The Waterfield Air Porter carry-on bag is a perfect bag for traveling. It’s large enough for just about anything you want to carry, yet small enough to fit under airline seats for easy reach."

{ diy['media4_title'] }}

Waterfield Designs Air Porter Review: Your New Carry-On

GottaBeMobile - November 14, 2017

"This is the ultimate carry on bag for frequent fliers. No more choosing between legroom and a laptop bag when you fly."

{ diy['media3_title'] }}

The WaterField Air Porter and Air Caddy Are Great… but Is WaterField Making a Mistake?

GearDiary - November 13, 2017

"Waterfield set out to make a great travel bag and … mission accomplished. Whether you only get the Air Porter or you get the Air Porter in combination with the Air Caddy, you are sure to appreciate the design, the craftsmanship and, most importantly, the functionality of this Waterfield offering; both are great for travel."

{ diy['media2_title'] }}

The Air Porter from Waterfield Designs

Joe Cieplinski - October 26, 2017

"If you’re in the market for a travel carry-on that’s designed with a ton of thought and attention to detail, that’s made in America by people who are paid decent wages, and that will last for many years to come (I’m about to enter year 8 for my Muzetto) the Air Porter is certainly worth a look."

{ diy['media1_title'] }}

WaterField Designs Air Porter review: The bag for business travelers

ZDNet - September 25, 2017

"The WaterField Designs Air Porter was created in collaboration with customers who travel and is perfect for those who find themselves on airplanes to get work done."


The Air Porter and matching Air Caddy work in tandem and can also be ordered separately. The following devices can fit into each: 


  1. Air Porter fits these devices:
    • 14" MacBook Pro M1
    • 16" MacBook Pro M1
    • 13" MacBook Pro M2
    • 13" MacBook Air M2
    • 12.9" iPad Pro M2 with Magic Keyboard
    • 11" iPad Pro M2 with Magic Keyboard
    • 11" iPad Air with Magic Keyboard
    • Google Pixel Slate
    • Surface Pro 9
    • Surface Laptop 5 (13.5")
    • Other similarly-sized laptops


  1. Air Caddy (Optional) fits these tablets:
    • 12.9" iPad Pro M2 with Magic Keyboard
    • 11" iPad Pro M2 with Magic Keyboard
    • 11" iPad Air with Magic Keyboard
    • Surface Go
    • Other similarly-sized tablets


  1. Customer-vetted Devices - From Customer Reviews:
    • Dell Precision 5540 (Corbin S., Windsor, US)


Designed to be a quick-access in-flight case with enough leg room, it incorporates many details requested by frequent flyers and customers.


"It's obvious that a lot of time and thought went into every aspect of every compartment; every space is efficient and purposeful." - Erin G., Tempe, US


Keep your bag looking new by applying wax when you think it needs a little refresh. Although any wax is applicable, you can use Martexin Original Wax which was initially used to coat your canvas bag. 



If you have the waxed canvas and chocolate leather version of the Air Porter Carry-On Bag, Gary shows how you can maintain these materials so they’ll look great over time. We use full grain Roughman Leather for your bag which has oils that respond well to heat.


Although this video is for the AirPods Max Shield Case, the maintenance also applies to your bag. 

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