The NEW! Hip Sling Bag, a community-designed product
Also available sling-style
Two sizes: Full and Compact
Also in Ballistic Nylon
Double zippers allow access from right or left (hip); up or down (sling).
Compact Size fits an iPad mini
Full Size fits an iPad Pro 11-inch
Compact size (6-ft. body)
Full Size (6-ft. body)
Padded pocket for small tablets (Compact)
Padded pocket for 11-inch tablets (Full)
Plushly-lined pocket for glasses
Well-placed pockets keep items in place when worn horizontally or vertically
Waterproof zippers
Back mesh pocket wicks away sweat
In five full-grain leather colors
Non-leather options
Quick-release magnetic buckle
Choose Short or Long Strap
Short Strap (Left); Long Strap (Right)
Brown Strap for Waxed Canvas; Black Strap for Ballistic Nylon
Easy to attach straps via secure hook
Part of the Hip Sling Bag Collection (Mini size sold separately)
Ballistic nylon w/ Chocolate Leather
Ballistic nylon w/ Black Leather
Ballistic nylon w/ Blue Leather
Ballistic nylon w/ Crimson Leather
Waxed Canvas w/ Chocolate Leather
All Ballistic Nylon
All Waxed Canvas

NEW! Hip Sling Bag


A community-designed project

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What happens when customers help design the hip bag of their dreams? You get a professional waist pack that's cool and functional when worn around the waist or as a sling, a hi-tech strap personalized to fit your style, and surprising details throughout. Oh, and it will fit your iPad or Nintendo Switch. Check out the unique, two-in-one Hip Sling Bag.

See the community design process here. To carry a few bare essentials, check out the Mini Hip Sling Bag.





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All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.



  • 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon or Waxed Canvas
  • Full grain leather accent
  • More details here

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Full Size:
    13" (l) x 3" (w) x 8.5" (h); 1 lb
    33.02 (l) x 7.62 (w) x 21.59 (h) cm; 0.45 kg
    Volume: 5.4 Liters
  • Compact Size:
    10" (l) x 2.25" (w) x 7" (h); 0.7 lb
    25.4 (l) x 5.71 (w) x 17.78 (h) cm; 0.31 kg
    Volume: 2.5 Liters


  • Functions equally well as a Hip Bag or Sling.
    - contents stay in place whether worn horizontally or vertically
    - double-zippers allow access from right or left, top or bottom
    - comfortable on either right or left shoulder
  • Efficient strap management.
    - two strap lengths insure a proper fit
    - hi-performance hardware
    - wide, 1.5-inch straps that don't dig into your skin
  • Easy on and off.
    - self-finding magnetic buckle quickly locks into place
    - quick-adjusting webbing-length cam lock
    - quick-release pull
  • Moisture-wicking padding on the back for comfort.
  • Plushly-lined pocket to stores eyeglasses.
  • Padded tech compartment fits for tablets
  • Front pocket holds quick-access items like phone, pen, earbuds, etc.
  • Long tethered key hook.
  • Gold, water-repellent liner makes it easy to locate items.
  • Premium full grain leather front panel comes in various colors.
  • Vegan-friendly options: all-ballistic nylon, all-waxed canvas.


This product was designed with customers who gave input from idea to production. See the process here.


  • Domestic: Flat rate 2-day shipping. Details.
  • International: 2-3 business day delivery. Country duty/tax calculated at Checkout. Details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
James B.
Great Little Bag

I’ve been using the Hip Sling Bag pretty regularly for a few weeks now. It’s a great little bag and I really love it, but during my time with it, I’ve noted just a few usability issues. The compact size’s main compartment is just shy of being tall enough to slide a pen into it vertically. If I want to carry a pen with me, I end up laying it down on its side or at an angle. It also makes it just a bit short of fitting an A6 notebook upright. Similarly, the interior slip pockets are not quite deep enough for the pocket clips on pens or a small knife. The main zipper opening also feels a little small and makes it difficult to manage the contents. If the zipper could be extended over the corners, I think it would make it just a bit easier to open up the bag. Lastly, the padded interior pockets seemed to eat up a lot of the interior and made it a little tough to put a few items inside without it getting very tight. If just an extra bit of depth was added, it would probably be just about right.
With all that said, the quality and construction is amazing. The strap is fantastic. I love using this bag even with the minor issues I mentioned. I think with just a few adjustments it would be the perfect bag for my uses.

Albert W. (California, United States)
Kudos to WaterField and the community: really well thought out hip sling bag

I got the compact hip sling bag to hold glasses and extras when I travel. Travel hasn’t happened yet, but the bag is definitely superb. In addition to the usual very high quality material and stitching, the hardware on this bag is really well thought out. Going from hip wear to sling is easy with a simple tug of the belt loop (?). Extra loops are at just the write place for me to lock the zipper down with a mini carabiner. The bag itself is exactly big enough for what I need to carry, no bigger. I think I might try to use it as an extra camera lens carrier as well. This is all around perfect!

San M. (California, United States)
I love the Hipster Line of bags.

I love the Hipsters. I have the Mini and and the Compact I use both depending on my need. Exceptional quality, craftsmanship and materials. Made in SF,USA. I have a lot of their products that I use constanty. Wherever I am in my travels, I get asked where I bought these and I send them to SFBags.com. I appreciated being part of the design and filling the needs of their loyal clients. Thank you Gary and the SF Bags Team for your outstanding work.

August O. (New Mexico, United States)
Very well built, quality bag

Good design, high quality materials and construction, make up a bag that has it's user in mind. Will be buying from SF bags again.

Kent A. (New South Wales, Australia)
Brilliant Sling Bag

This Slong Bag meets my needs perfectly in being being an extremely well designed and made item to hold the things I take out with me; keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses, mask, etc. I especially love the soft lined packets for my phone and glasses that minimalise the risk of scratching. The bag features high quality materials and fittings and an easily adjustable strap (I purcased the long one for mostly over the shoulder use). Little extra toucahes like the small loops at each end of the zippers are not only useful when opening/closing the pockets but also double as anchor points for clipping on other small items (such as an earbud case) if desired. This is now my single-most go to item when heading out!
Thanks Team

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“The Waterfield Designs Tech Folio Plus is a long-lasting, pack-it-all-in bag ideal for those techies who travel with a lot of smaller items, cables, and knickknacks for their Surface PC or Ultrabook.”

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The Hip Sling Bag's front pocket stores frequently-accessed items, and the bigger main compartment can fit items like these below.

Compact Size Main Compartment can fit items like:

  • iPad Mini and similarly-sized tablets
  • Nintendo Switch Lite, Switch with detached Joycons
  • Small cameras like Leica series, Fujifilm x100 series, Ricoh GR series, etc.
  • Glasses
  • WF Travel Wallet (medium)
  • Small notebook

Full Size Main Compartment can fit items like: 

  • iPad Air 10.2-inch, iPad 10.2-inch, iPad Pro 11-inch and similarly-sized tablets
  • Nintendo Switch with Joycons (protect it with the Taco Switch insert)
  • light jacket
  • everything in the Compact size


The Hip Sling Bag was developed with customer input through our Community Design. See the process here.


The Strap comes in Short or Long to accommodate different body heights and girths.  To find which length is right for you, consider how you'll primarily use the Hip Sling Bag — around the waist or sling-style? — and how much extra strap you can tolerate. 




  • Primary use: Hip bag
  • Fits waists measuring 25" to 46" (63.5 cm to 116.84 cm)
  • May be worn as a Sling bag if shirt size is Extra Small or Small (Unisex size)
  • Primary use: Sling Bag
  • Fits waists measuring 25" to 57" (63.5 cm to 144.78 cm)
  • When worn as a Hip Bag, there will be a bit of excess dangling straps



We put as much thought into the Strap as we did into the Hip Bag in our quest for comfort, convenience, and durability. A wide 1.5-inch soft webbing won't dig into your skin, and hi-performance hardware makes it quick and easy to adjust the strap.  


The magnetic buckle locks into place so it's easy to put on, the quick-adjusting camlock let's you change the strap length, and the quick-release pull makes it a cinch to take off. 




“Please can you make the straps so that it can be worn on both shoulders? Most bags cater for the left shoulder only and none of the adjustments or quick release work well on the right shoulder, which is the side I wear my bags on.” - #10



Over 1000 customers participated in this community design, resulting in a Hip Bag that also functions equally well as a Sling, and comes in three sizes to carry a variety of items.  


The Hip Sling Bag keeps contents in place whether worn horizontally or vertically; can be opened from right or left and up or down; and has a comfortable strap for the hip or shoulder.


The Mini Hip Sling Bag is for the minimalists who carry just the essentials, and the Compact and Full Hip Sling Bag fits devices like an iPad, Nintendo Switch, or a light jacket. 



“I'd use this as a bag that allows me to empty my pockets and carry a few extra items comfortably.” - #8


“I'm an IT professional, so I'd carry small random stuff that ends up in a tech pouch, plus things like a small flashlight and, by some miracle, a small laptop.” - #35




If you have the Waxed Canvas Hip Sling Bag, Gary shows how you can maintain these materials so they’ll look great over time. We use full grain Roughman Leather for your bag which has oils that respond well to heat.


Although this video is for the AirPods Max Shield Case, the maintenance also applies to your Hip Bag. 

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