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Separate pockets for all of your accessories
Separate pockets for all of your accessories
Surface Accessories Pouch
Surface Accessories Pouch
Dedicated pocket for Surface Pen
Dedicated pocket for Surface Pen
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below
Black Ballistic $79
Black Ballistic $79
Waxed Canvas $79
Waxed Canvas $79

Surface Accessories Pouch

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Everything in its place. Stash your vitals in this versatile, padded case and the world is your oyster. Taking flight? Passport, boarding pass, headphones, eyeglasses and phone. Check. Organizing within another bag? Surface Pen, Surface mouse, Surface Dial, headphones, cables. Check. Entertainment minded? Jambox, cables, earbuds. Check. The Surface Accessories Pouch organizes and protects your essential items, no matter your mindset.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.

-1050 Ballistic Nylon or Waxed Canvas
-Naturally-tanned leather accents

Weight & Dimensions:
9.75" x 6.25" x 1.75"; 7.5 oz.

-Padded interior pockets
-Self-locking zippers
-Dedicated pocket for Surface Pen
-Fits Surface accessories of all kinds

The Surface Accessories Pouch fits:
  • Surface Pen
  • Surface Precision Mouse
  • Surface Power Supply (102W)
  • Surface Dial
  • Headphones
  • Cables

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Essential for organization

I was accustomed to thinking that my careful arrangement of dongles, cables, styli, and glasses in my beloved Bolt Crossbody laptop bag was both efficient and sufficient for my needs. I would experience the occasional spillage of gear out of the bag when searching for an elusive small bit or when something became entangled in the carefully stowed cables, but generally I was very happy with the arrangement.

On a whim I ordered the Surface Accessories Pouch as a possible solution to further organization in the Bolt bag. I’ve since found that the pouch adds a lot of security and order in the bag, eliminating the accidental spillage from the bag and protecting the expensive small bits. I even put my Quip electric toothbrush and travel-sized toothpaste in the front zip pocket along with my Surface stylus (which is now protected from accidental incursions with other hard parts.

Thanks, Gary! Love the Bolt, the Pouch, and the Finn wallet!

Very good quality product

My second product purchased .........same excellent quality.

The perfect pouch

I have the compact padded pouch which is fantastic but I think the surface pouch is even better. I don't have any surface accessories to speak of but I purchased it as it was slightly taller than the compact pouch and is perfect for larger items like non-travel style mice or 2.5" ext. HDDs. In the compact pouch these devices would poke out of the padded pocket a little. They're not significantly exposed but in the surface pouch they are fully covered and protected.

Like all the other Waterfield products this pouch exudes quality and is well designed throughout. I really like the waxed canvas style. It looks awesome.

Stylish and more important really useful

It is Spacious, well made, stylish and useful.


Fits perfectly to all the stuff I need for my Surface and there is still enough space for my mobile charger, headphones and adapters.

What is the difference between ballistic nylon and waxed canvas?

Both are extremely durable materials. Ballistic nylon can take a pounding and will look the same years down the line. Waxed canvas takes on character and nicks and scrapes giving it a " been around the world" look. You can't go wrong with either.

What is a locking zipper?

When the YKK zipper is folded down the zipper "locks" and prevents the zipper from sliding.

Why use full grain leather?

Full-grain leather has a super tight grain so it resists moisture very well, and it's strong and durable. We believe in making products of the highest quality—we never skimp on materials. The leather also develops a beautiful patina so it will add to the Padded Gear Pouch's character over time.

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  • Padded Gear Pouch — great for travel!
    - Fred N., Greece
  • Padded-Gear-Pouch is just what I wanted.
    - Julio L., Peru