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Front pocket has play-thru window for basic iPhone 7 functions
Front pocket has play-thru window for basic iPhone 7 functions
Custom-fit for back jersey pocket for more comfortable ride
Custom-fit for back jersey pocket for more comfortable ride
Fit tools in main compartment (tools not included)
Fit tools in main compartment (tools not included)
Insert phone in front play-through pocket. Secure with flap.
Insert phone in front play-through pocket. Secure with flap.
Grizzly Leather $79
Grizzly Leather $79
The Cycling Ride Pouch for tools, phone, & essentials
The Cycling Ride Pouch for tools, phone, & essentials
Available in Grizzly or Black Leather with Ballistic Nylon
Available in Grizzly or Black Leather with Ballistic Nylon
Lays flat so you can fix a mechanical easily
Lays flat so you can fix a mechanical easily
Back mesh pocket accessed separately
Back mesh pocket accessed separately
Micro Wallet for key, cash, cards. Insert into back mesh pocket.
Micro Wallet for key, cash, cards. Insert into back mesh pocket.
Black Leather $79
Black Leather $79
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below

Cycling Ride Pouch

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Velominati Rule #31: "Spare tires, multi-tools, and repair kits should be stored in jersey pockets". The Cycling Ride Pouch does just that. Custom-fit for jersey pockets, tools are organized in the main compartment to take advantage of the wide surface area. It zips open flat so you can lay it on the ground when fixing a mechanical. 

A transparent front pocket separates the phone from the tools and lets you access it  without zipping open the pouch. A mesh back pocket has a removable mini wallet for cash, ID, keys and other small items. By utilizing a wider surface area, you can carry all these items without feeling bulky or heavy for a more comfortable ride. 

Designed with ELEVEN vélo of Sydney, Australia, maker of bespoke merino cycling wear.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.

- Black or brown premium leather border and flap with ballistic nylon body
- Gold liner in main compartment
- Premium YKK self-locking zipper
- Play-through plastic screen for phone compartment

Dimensions: 4 in. length, 1 in. width, 7 in. height

Weight: 4 oz.

  • Main compartment has a wide surface area for arranging tools for a more comfortable ride
  • Main compartment opens flat on the ground so you can arrange your tools and quickly see what you need. Makes it easy to pack up, too.
  • Mini wallet is included for storing cash, keys, ID and stored in the back mesh pocket
  • Leather flap closes over the back mesh pocket
  • Front pocket play-through screen lets you do basic phone functions without taking out the iPhone X
The Cycling Ride Pouch is custom-fit for the back jersey pocket. It has 3 compartments for storing tools, phone, and other items. Separated from each other, items can be quickly accessed without having to disturb the other contents. The ride pouch can hold the following:

  1. Main compartment with self-locking zipper on three sides:
    • Spare tube, tools, air cartridge, tire levers, patches, etc.

  2. Front transparent window pocket:
    • custom-fit for the NEW! iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR and other similarly-sized phones
    • can also fit smaller-sized phones, but will have extra room

  3. Back mesh pocket:
    • includes a water-resistant Mini Wallet for cash, card, ID, keys
    • other items you need to get at quickly.

Note: Curious about the small bicycle pump you see in the video? It’s the Blackburn Mini Pump.

Waterfield Designs Cycling Ride Pouch: Take your iPhone along for the ride

Waterfield Designs Cycling Ride Pouch: Take your iPhone along for the ride

TUAW - July 28, 2014

“Combining good looks, a nicely sealed see-through phone pocket, card slots, and enough volume to carry a good amount of equipment, the pouch is also well-built and reasonably priced.”

Rating: 4 stars (out of 4 stars possible)

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Review: ELEVEN Vélo Ride Pouch

Life in the Saddle - September 24, 2015

“Gone are the days of zip-lock bags and old sunglasses carry sacks; the Ride Pouch allows you to house everything in one easy-to-grab caddy. It is simple, smart and effective.”

Customer Reviews

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Great all-around wallet

I bought this for keeping stuff in my cycle jersey, but I use it quite a bit on the weekends when I'm doing chores. I keep my wallet, phone and keys within grab distance when I'm lifting and carrying stuff, then it all fits into my pocket when I head down to the hardware store. I can see my phone alerts through the clear screen, and my wallet is easily accessible in the zipper compartment. Pretty happy.

Cycling ride pouch

Great item, I use it on all my rides. I use the small wallet to hold my crank brothers tool. Fits all my jerseys and not too bulky

Perfect phone & everyday carry case

I love this case! Gary and his team kindly added two web loops that stick out from under the flap so I could attach a strap and use it as a crossbody bag, because women's work clothes are notoriously lacking adequate pockets. I use it every day to carry around a personal iPhone and a work iPhone (6 and 8), credit cards and ID, cash, keys, a Fisher Space Pen, a microfiber glasses/phone wipe, and a stack of business cards--and I could probably fit a few more things. The mini-wallet is so darned cute and holds spare change or cards or even my car keys, and I can attach my office key to the little tab on the outside of it with a key ring. This bag is professional looking enough for work, and I get lots of compliments. Touch ID on the iPhone 8 doesn't work through the plastic phone pocket, but I set up the Accessibility controls to open the Home screen (you can find instructions online). For the iPhone 6, you can still click on the Home button and then type in the passcode. I carry one phone in the clear pocket and put the other inside the bag. I also look forward to using this bag while biking or hiking! I have other WaterField products that are still going strong after many years and now I'm so thrilled to have a phone carrying case/EDC bag that isn't going to fall apart anytime soon. Thanks, Gary!

Works well

It fits easily into my jersey pocket and I can’t tell it’s there. Excellent access to my iPhone X screen - I have full functionality.

Consolidating stuff helps

Does what it says. Well thought out design. I like that the phone is in one compatrment with a transparent cover. There is room for tubes, CO2 and tire levers and a Blackburn minipump. Finally a separate compartment for cards, money etc. and a small flat multitool. Fits in rear pocket. I can now get buy without a saddle bag. I still use one for a second tube and to flaunt the Rule that says it is not cool to put a saddle bag on a road bike. But this case from Waterfield is all you need.

What are the Velominati Rules?

If cycling is a big part of your life, you may have heard of The Velominati, devoted and loyal disciples of the great sport of cycling. They seek out the highest mountains and roughest roads, using their legs to propel them. They refer to their shaved legs simply as “The Legs” and speak of distance in kilometers and measure sizes in centimeters on matter what country they are in. They are the Keepers of the Cog, and maintain the sacred text wherein lie the simple truths of cycling etiquette knows as The Rules. Rule #31: "Spare tires, multi-tools, and repair kits should be stored in jersey pockets.” The Cycling Ride Pouch was inspired by this Rule.

Doesn’t the back jersey pocket bulge out once you put in the tools, the phone, and other small pieces?

It could bulge out, but if you put all those pieces in the Cycling Ride Pouch it, the tools will lay flat over a wider surface area. The width of the pouch is 1 inch, and will keep all the contents compact, preventing the big bulge.

Who is ELEVEN vélo?

Based in Sydney, Australia, ELEVEN vélo is a small design studio specializing in the cycling sector and dedicated to the idea that each and every order is unique and specific to the owner. They craft bespoke superfine merino cycling wear for the discerning cyclist from the ground up.

What brand is the pump you used in the video?

We’ve had quite a few questions regarding this very small pump. Happy to say it’s the Blackburn Mini Pump. Enjoy your ride!

How do you suggest I clean the leather?

Actually, we suggest not doing anything. Part of the beauty of highly distressed leather develops as it gets used over time— with rain or getting bumped around. Leather conditioners will darken and alter the leather, maybe not something you desire. If at some point you want to condition the leather - we suggesting using Mink Oil. This will darken a bit at first - but will keep the leather very nice. You can also spread the oils around and smooth them out a bit with a hair dryer and your hand. Any leather discoloration or marks are straight from the actual hide itself; it's part of the character of the leather. That’s how you know it’s the real thing. Each hide has it own look; it's unique just like you. With naturally tanned leather, there's always going to be a bit of character on it that's hard to control. It's one of the reasons we like it so much, you'll always be getting a one-of-a-kind bag.

How do you suggest I clean the ballistic nylon?

The ballistic nylon is *very* durable and will take scrubbing with a stiff brush and mild soap. Blot with towels/rags and let the case dry out. This should have the case looking good as new.

Have a question about this product? Contact us at HeyGary@SFBags.com.

  • The Cycling Ride Pouch is Perfect.
    - Jay B., Massachusetts
  • Cycling made easy with my pouch!
    - Ray G., New York