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Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Green, or Red
Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Green, or Red
Back mesh pocket keeps items in place.
Back mesh pocket keeps items in place.
Custom-fit  for MacBook
Custom-fit for MacBook
Fits everything conveniently
Fits everything conveniently
Available in Vertical and Horizontal
Available in Vertical and Horizontal
New material coated with water resistant Nanotex technology
New material coated with water resistant Nanotex technology
Horizontal tucks comfortable under arm
Horizontal tucks comfortable under arm
Vertical is perfect for inserting into backpacks
Vertical is perfect for inserting into backpacks
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below
Black Ballistic Nylon
Black Ballistic Nylon

Dash Sleeve for MacBooks

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The minimalist Dash Sleeve packs maximum protection into a custom-fitted, compact form to cradle your MacBook Pro in transit.  A zippered, mesh pocket holds a few small accessories. 

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Rugged, black ballistic nylon
  • Luna® textile coated with water-resistant Nanotex® technology
  • Impact-resistant compression foam

Dash Sleeve Dimensions & Weight:

  • 12” MacBook: 12 x 9 inches, 6.1 oz.
  • 13” MacBook Air Retina: 12.8 x 9.75 inches, 7.1oz.
  • 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: 12.8 x 9.75 inches, 7.1oz.
  • 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: 14.6 x 11 inches, 9.2 oz.

  • Extremely lightweight and compact.
  • Interior is lined with soft material reinforced with foam.
  • Elastic top band to secure laptop.
  • Rear zipper-closing mesh pocket for accessories.
  • TSA-checkpoint friendly no need to take laptop out of the Dash Sleeve.

The Dash Sleeve is custom-fit for each "naked" MacBook with Touch Bar. Any additional protective case on your MacBook with Touch Bar will be a poor fit inside the Dash.:

  1. MacBook (Vertical & Horizontal):
    • 12” MacBook - Size #37
    • 13” MacBook Air Retina - size #40
    • 13” MacBook Pro Touch Bar - Size #38
    • 15” MacBook Pro Touch Bar - Size #39

Click here for iPad Pro and Surface Pro Dash Sleeves.

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Waterfield Dash: MacBook sleeve of the Gods

O'Grady's PowerPage - October 26, 2015

“Once again Waterfield doesn’t disappoint. Dash is an excellent sleeve to protect your 12-, 13-, and 15-inch MacBook in style.”

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WaterField Designs Dash Sleeve: Protecting your MacBook in style

Apple World Today - June 12, 2015

“Gary Waterfield and his team at Waterfield Designs do amazing work, and I've been happy with every one of the products that I've tested. The Dash Sleeve is no exception to the rule. I know it's well-constructed and will last longer than I'll probably keep my MacBook... after which time it will be used to protect some future Apple device.”

Apple World Today Rating (Out Of 5 Stars):

Customer Reviews

Based on 207 reviews
A gem of lightweight protection for my new laptop

I've been a customer for years but Waterfield Design products (and the computers I've bought) have lasted forever. Recently tho I purchased a MacBook Air which was simply overwhelmed by the Sleeve Case I had for the MacBook Pro that's died. I'd already put a lightweight plastic clamshell on the Air so was a bit concerned about whether the Dash Sleeve would work, but ordered anyway.

The Air does fit in the Dash, but the fit upon arrival required putting the hinge edge on the opening and was very snug for removal. I contacted Gary who offered other choices or said I could try it for a bit because the padding does compress a bit after use. Lo and behold -- it does! Sometimes I still have to rock the laptop a bit from side to side to get it out, but usually I leave the hinge side an inch or two out while at home or carrying locally -- just far enough so that I can reach in to use the feet as leverage. (see photo) When I travel thru airports, the laptop fits all the way into the Dash Sleeve for full protection.

As usual, the quality of material and construction are top notch with not a flaw to be found, even a loose thread. The elastic band that substitutes for a flap does a fine job of keeping the laptop in place while the blue color I chose was fresh and should endure well. Moreover because the sleeve doesn't have a flap, it's far lighter weight than what I had before. I am very pleased indeed.

Irresistible to kittens

As previously mentioned, the texture of the sleeve is absolutely irresistible to kittens. I have to tuck it under a sheet or a blanket.

Otherwise, it works great! In addition to the kitten the sleeve is actually fully loaded with a new 2019 MacBook Air. The netting (opposite) holds all my charging cables, bricks, and dongles along with a backup drive. When I put the loaded sleeve down momentarily it becomes an instant kitten magnet, which is great because otherwise I have no idea where she is. As you can see she shows up against the green background really well. Her clawsies do love the fabric so once its done its job the sleeve goes under a sheet or towel to prevent further kitten activity.

High quality and arrived precisely as ordered!

I don't normally splurge on things like this, but had seen a colleague (who is especially frugal!) with this same case. The exterior and interior fabrics are very high quality and the construction seems solid. In addition to being attractive and sleek, I am confident it will keep my new Macbook Air very safe!

Great product.

Very well made. Simple and effective.

Great Sleeve - Even better Service

It's been a while since I've purchased a new laptop and I wanted it to ride around in my bag in style and comfort - and I knew from previous purchases that SF Waterfield Designs was the place to go. Love my sleeve and it actually arrived to my door on an island in Canada faster than my lap top - amazing.

Is this case TSA friendly?

Yes, this case is TSA friendly. Your laptop case is a designated laptop-only case that you can lay flat on the X-ray belt.

What is ballistic nylon?

Ballistic nylon is another durable, nearly-indestructable material that can take dings and nicks and bounce right back still looking good. The black color never fades so it will look like fresh even after many years of wear and tear. We chose ballistic nylon material to provide you with another choice without sacrificing quality.

What is a Power Mesh pocket?

Power mesh is an extremely durable material ideal for storing bulky items such as your power adapter. Power Mesh won't stretch out overtime.

I have a protective case on my laptop, will the Dash fit?

The laptop Dash sizes are a snug fit for the "naked" laptop. Additional bulk from a case will make for a poor fit. Consult the "What Fits" tab for tablet sizing.

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  • Previously vulnerable, Mac's now safe; thanks
    - Bill R., Virginia
  • Just arrived, laptop case, best ever!
    - Bob M., Georgia
  • My laptop flies Waterfield Designs Class.
    - Cathy R., Massachusetts
  • Love my MacBook Air Case! Yay!
    - Eddie S., Kentucky
  • "I didn't want anything 'ordinary' and this sleeve is anything but ordinary."
    - Gloria B., Arizona
  • Understated, rugged, handsome, wearing well, protective
    - Ronald S., Lorton VA