It's addictive

14-year-old addicted to Waterfield. Saving up!
- AJ G., Ohio

Need or want? Whatever. Ordering more!
- Dennis K., Maryland

Six products in four years. Outstanding!
- Shy Guy, Australia

Get stuck on SFbags! I did!
- Phil S., Texas

Addicted to WaterField! Joss Whedon's fault.
- Christopher W., Wisconsin

Some received, more ordered. Bagaholism satiated.
- Jason R., Ireland

Seeking treatment for my WaterFiled obsession.
- Steven K., New Jersey

Buy one, then you’ll want others.
- Danny D., South Carolina

Like chips, one is not enough!
- Tammy S., Connecticut

Help! I am addicted to SFbags!
- Julee M., California

Stop me before I buy again!
- Joseph T.

My advice: buy whatever they sell!
- Mark A.

So good, I keep coming back!
- Cameron D., Australia

How did I survive before WaterField?
- Jeff G.

I keep buying bags from WaterField.
- Alex C.

I buy more despite lifetime construction.
- James F.

Obsession Satisfied. Finally found perfect bag.
- Michael K.

Use it every day. The best!
- Andrew E.

Amazing products! Please take my money!
- Dave C.

Fantastic bags! Addicted!
- Gil G.

ipad,keyboard,iphone-all I need!
- Tom E.