18 Years later, the beloved Cargo Laptop Bag gets a new look. Like it?

When Gary started WaterField Designs in 1998, his first product was the Cargo Bag, a combination messenger bag / briefcase. Made from indestructible ballistic nylon and eye-popping Indium upholstery material, it sported an airline seat belt buckle for easy one-handed access. When you carried the Cargo, people noticed. 

Over the years he added new sizes and replaced the seat belt buckle by the  lighter paragliding buckle. Eventually, the U.S. mill that made the Indium material stopped production, and colorful leather took its place. The iconic design didn't change much, and customers wrote to us about how their Cargos still held over many years. 

Now, with the Cargo turning 18 years old, Gary and team decided it was time for a make-over. Today's new look takes a more subtle approach to work life. Gone are the eye-popping flap colors; today's choices include supple black and grizzly leather. The sizes have been pared down to the one that fits everything most customers carry. In a nod to the outdoors, the paragliding buckle is still front and center, and the zippers are now waterproof. Padded laptop and iPad/tablet compartments are now standard features, as is a back slot for sliding the bag onto wheelie handles. 

What has not changed is the how we make the Cargo; we use the same quality construction as before. The Cargo has become a workhorse, go-to bag for many of our customers, and has remained one of our best sellers. We hope this will continue for another 18 years. 

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Thank you for supporting the our 18-year WaterField Designs journey.