The WaterField Roundup of the Best Cases for Apple's NEW! 12" MacBook with Retina Display

The 12" MacBook, Apple's thinnest, lightest Mac product, just got a whole lot better. It now sports Intel's Skylake chips and offers improved graphics, faster flash storage, and an extra hour of battery life.  With this latest refresh, it will probably be the laptop of choice to take everywhere.

Inspired by the 12-inch Mac's design, WaterField has developed the NEW! Atelier Folio, an all-leather sleeve in buttery cognac-colored leather, to go with it. Straightforward in design, it complements the beauty and elegance of the 12" Mac.   

In addition to the Atelier Folio, here's a round-up of other stylish bags, cases, and sleeves for the 12" MacBook:

  1. Custom-fit Sleeves. The fit is snug and secure, making your new 12" Mac feel welcome and well-loved. 
    - Dash, SleeveCase, Scarlett SleeveZip Brief, Outback Solo

  2. Bags with Built-in Padded Protection. Just slip your Mac in the padded compartment, and it will stay secure as you dash off to your appointments.
    - Field Muzetto, Staad Attache, Bolt Briefcase, Cargo Laptop Bag, Staad Backpack, Cozmo Briefcase.

See our entire 12" MacBook Collection for other options.