Today's new Cargo Pants + Cargo Bag = More Pockets

The Cargo pants are making a comeback with new sophisticated cuts according to this Wall Street Journal article:

"In the cargo craze of the 90s, cargo pants were rough, tough, and workable for carpenters, adventurers and ordinary men who just needed to carry more stuff."

The Cargo laptop bag, which debuted in 1998, has tons of pockets just like its brethren the Cargo pants. The roomy interior can hold a laptop and files; assorted pockets inside and out helps organize your essentials. The buckle is a functioning paragliding buckle (which holds more pounds than you'll need) and it quickly releases the flap for quick access. A hybrid between a bike messenger bag and a briefcase, the Cargo bags do the job very well and can be a long-lasting companion. 

Read the article, "Men's Cargo Pants Turn Refined For  Spring", Wall St. Journal, April 18, 2014
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