The NUMBER ONE bag for the modern musician.

The following was written and submitted by a longtime SF Bags customer who has a passion for writing and performing music.
"Life as an active musician today nearly always includes a vast array of specialized gear, depending on your instrument. Guitar picks, trumpet mutes, tuners, strings, drum keys, and seemingly hundreds of similar-but-different cables and wires are just a handful of necessities that a modern musician cannot perform without. As an 18 year musician I have experienced first hand just how daunting a task it can be to keep track of everything you need to successfully play music.
I learned immediately that being an unorganized musician ain’t cheap. The night of my first gig was unforgettable, both because of the adrenaline rush I experienced, and the cost of replacing two guitar cables, an extension cord, and the power adapter for our synthesizer which were nowhere to be found back at home. Clearly, something had to be done to keep my gear from disappearing. The solution for me? The WaterField Cargo Bag.
Ever since that night, my trusty medium-sized Cargo bag has guarded everything I need for practices and gigs. The Cargo is unrivaled for organization and spaciousness. The bag easily and effectively holds all of my guitar cables, power adaptors, strings, percussion instruments, CD’s, effects pedals, sheet music, etc., but more importantly, the bag keeps all of these components organized and secure. I have no doubt that the Cargo has saved me from many trips to Guitar Center, and the hefty bills that correspond with such trips. If you play music as a hobby or as a profession, WaterField’s Cargo bag is a must have."
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