5 Hot Tips for Father's Day: the Best Gifts for keeping Dad organized

An organized dad is a happy dad. When Dad knows where his things are, he doesn't stress out looking for items, and he feels good that things are where they should be. So, here are some tips to help keep Dad organized:

  • Tip #1: Organize Dad's tech gear
    Is your Dad a gadget guy? Does he have cables and adapters for just about everything? An assortment of Gear Pouches (S,M,L) or the more protective Padded Gear Pouch will do the trick.

  • Tip #2: Organize Dad's cycling tools
    Is your Dad a cycling fanatic? A bike commuter? A weekend cruiser? He can fit all his tools, including his phone, in the Club Cycling Pouch or Cycling Ride Pouch. Each will fit into his cycling jersey pocket. 

  • Tip #3: Organize Dad's grooming essentials
    Your Dad probably already has a Dopp kit, but does he have an all-leather luxe one like the Curo Dopp Kit? The Curo just screams quality. Surprise him with this unexpected gift.

  • Tip #4: Lighten up Dad's wallet
    Can your dad use a little less bulk in his wallet? Try the zippered, all-leather Finn Wallet or Finn Access Wallet. Both are compact, professional looking, and built to last. 

  • Tip #5: Organize Dad's business travel 
    Is your dad a frequent flier? The Air Porter Carry-on Bag carries everything he needs for before, during, and after his flight. Surprise him with this ultimate carry-on.

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