The new Cozmo 2.0 Leather Briefcase updates the classic carry-all with modern elements

For many, the briefcase remains the go-to bag for office use. Thanks to modern technology, the contents it carries have shifted from documents and files to all sorts of tech gear. The office is no longer the company HQ; rather it's more likely a cafe or an office-share space, and meetings take place over coffee, lunch, or over SKYPE at 35,000 feet in the air.

The Cozmo 2.0 combines the classic briefcase look with modern features to support how we work today. It's wide at the base and tapers at the top so it looks sleek, and it has rounded corners for a softer shape. It comes with a removable matching shoulder strap to keep hands free so you can hold your coffee or insert cards into kiosks. For business travelers, a leather strip in the back slips onto the handle of a wheelie, making the Cozmo super convenient for walking around the airport without extra weight.  The deep front pocket safely holds items that need to be easily accessed.

A wide zippered opening makes it easy to access contents and reveals a spacious interior that is ready to carry laptops, tablets, smartphones, chargers, and other accessories. The built-in sleeve protects a MacBook or laptop and bag two deep pockets stash cords, cables, or a mouse. There is space in the middle for files or magazines. 

Like a classic briefcase, the Cozmo 2.0 is made from premium full-grain leather, with all pieces cut from the same hide, so the tone and texture are consistent throughout the bag. The leather is skived for a supple, softer feel, while maintaining the durable qualities that come from a full-grain hide.

All those features aside, though, you'll want the Cozmo 2.0 because it is just plain handsome. It draws you in. It invites you to touch it. Like your favorite bomber jacket, the leather develops its own character over time. Most importantly, when you carry it, people will know that you are on top of your game.