5 Ways to Keep the RED iPhone 8, 8 Plus Looking Stunning

You may not want to keep the bold-looking iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition under cover. The stunning red finish begs to be shown. So, show it off.

However, you might want a carrying case to make sure the iPhone 8 is always there at your side. WaterField's iPhone cases provide some great options:

1. The leather Finn Wallet makes sure your iPhone 8 is as indispensable as your cash and credit cards.

2. Take your iPhone 8 along on bike rides stashed in the Cycling Ride Pouch or Club Cycling Pouch that fit in your back jersey pocket. 

3. If you're on a photography or video shoot with your iPhone 8, the iPhone Camera Bag conveniently holds your iPhone, lenses, and a tripod.

4. For hands-free convenience, place your iPhone 8 in the leather Ranger case

Check out the WaterField iPhone Case Collection.