Going, going, gone! Last day to buy Original Wallets is Mon., Aug 15, 3:00 PM PST.

Going, going, gone! Last day to buy Original Wallets is Mon., Aug 15, 3:00 PM PST.

We heard your cries!

For a limited time, we're bringing back a blast from the past — the Original WaterField Wallet.

Frankly, we shed a few tears ourself when the US Mill that supplied us with "Indium," one of our first and most popular textiles — all the way back to our humble beginnings in 1998 — went out of business. We do what we can to support American-based suppliers and to keep US manufacturing going, so seeing this supplier go under was a sad day for us. And, it meant that we could no longer offer the Original Waterfield Wallet — first introduced in 2002 and a favorite among some of our earliest and most loyal customers. Gary and crew carry their original wallets to this day, and they're still going strong. 

The ultra-cool Indium textile we used in many of our first bags and cases was originally developed as a robust wall covering, but we loved the look and found that its toughness was perfect for our rugged bags and cases. Although we can't source any more Indium, when we came across some bolts of it in our sewing shop, we thought it would be fun to bring back the Original Wallet in this retro-WaterField textile for those of you who lamented its disappearance several years ago. And for those of you newcomers who weren't around to mourn its disappearance...just know that this wallet will last you a lifetime.

What better day to bring back the Original WaterField Wallet than on Throwback Thursday, of course? 

So here it is. 

Available for a limited time.

The Original WaterField Wallet in Taxi, Lead or Blueball Indium or in black leather with a strip of Indium in any one of those colors across the bottom, will be available until August 15, (unless we run out earlier). As part of the throwback fun, we're selling it at our 2010 price of $49 for either model.

Take a walk back in time with us and while you do, grab an original WaterField favorite for yourself and one for a friend.