Hello, Switch! WaterField works with customers to create the best professional-looking cases for the Nintendo Switch

Since January 2017 when Nintendo first announced the new Nintendo Switch, we have been working with customers to collect their requirements for the ultimate Nintendo Switch Case. We invited them to fill out our Switch survey so we could better understand how they would use their new gaming device. Based on their input, we began work on case prototypes. Check out the journey from idea to product in these Nintendo Updates

Three types of users emerged based on our survey data:

  • The "Minimalist" who wants to take along just the Switch Console, 2 Joy-Cons, the straps, USB-c power cable, and some games
  • The "Pro" who is a multiplayer and wants to also take along additional controllers, more cables, a power bank, more Joy-Cons, and more games
  • -The "Champ" who is like a Pro, but wants to take along the Switch dock, a stand, and other peripherals for extended trips.

We developed different products for these use cases: the Switch CitySlicker for everyday carry and the MultiPlayer Pro Case for Switch parties and travel.  The Champ's core requirements turned out to be very similar to those for the Pro, so we designed the MultiPlayer Pro case to be flexible enough for the Champ, plus it can easily be inserted into bigger bags for thsoe requiring more space. 

Two other product ideas emerged from our customer feedback: the Switch Pouch for those who really pack light and a full-grain leather Nintendo Switch Game Card Holder for carrying additional games. 

The WaterField Nintendo Switch cases, developed in collaboration with customers and Nintendo gamers, are now ready for prime-time.