A hallmark of quality: leather that ages beautifully the more you use it

WaterField's new VIA Leather Billfold Wallet and upgraded FInn and Finn Access wallets start with the good stuff –– premium full-grain leather. This type of leather, the most expensive kind, develops a great patina that's irresistible to touch.  This richness and beauty develops only with time and experience. It represents an accumulation of scratches, oils from your hands, and daily wear. It's the type of leather that you don't have to tiptoe around; use it with gusto, and it will look its best.

With a very straight forward design, WaterField wallets are compact, secure, and durable. Choose from a variety of billfold or zippered styles from the Wallet Collection

This same full grain leather is used on all of our leather goods, like the Maverick Messenger Bag, the Cozmo briefcase, and all the leather that accent various bags. If you're going to have something that lasts a lifetime, it had better be the good stuff.