The manly leather holster gets a modern makeover for the iPhone X

The smart-looking Ranger for the iPhone X is a mashup between something Indiana Jones would find indispensable on his adventures and Captain Kirk would appreciate for his communicator. It has a big dose of the old-world-meets-new-world charm.

It all starts with full grain leather, the highest quality you can find (and the most expensive). It's the top part of the hide that has not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed, where imperfections (or natural marks) on the surface of the hide are a badge of honor. The grain remains, allowing the fiber strength and durability. It has a natural look and feel and develops a beautiful patina as it ages. This leather is for real. 

To this leather canvas we add the high tech Fidlock closure. This magnetic fastener is both a secure lock and an easy-access one. If you know what you're doing, you can easily open and close the flap; if you don't, you'll find it difficult to intrude on the contents inside.

Holsters are usually attached with a clip. The Ranger, however, has a leather strip in the back with a hidden magnet. This lets you attach the Ranger everywhere-- to your belt loop, pants pocket, on your pants, or on a bag strap. This flexibility ensures that you'll have your iPhone X with you at all times. As an added bonus, this does away with the unwieldy bulk that comes with a clip.  

But the Ranger is not your ordinary holster. The streamlined design lets you walk into a room full of suits and you'll feel right in. You can color-coordinate it with your wardrobe. Check it out-- the Ranger will set you apart from other iPhone X-wielding colleagues.