The Top 5 secret features a professional backpack should have that are often overlooked

With more backpacks making their way into the office, we checked in with our customers to get an idea of what makes a backpack an office-worthy backpack. In addition to the usual answers (style, color, materials), here are some insights that make a big difference: 

  • Secret #1: It should stand up.
    When you go to meetings, you often put your laptop at your side, on the floor. If it can't stand on its own, you'll have to find an empty wall, or an empty chair to put it on. When it stands on its own, it can function as your mobile office, holding all the items you need for the meeting. 

  • Secret #2: It should accommodate your laptop and/or tablet.
    Separating your laptop from the rest of the contents of your backpack keeps it safe from accidental dings and spills. A padded compartment, or enough space for a laptop-in-a-sleeve, would take care of this.

  • Secret #3: It should look discreet.
    While it can accommodate the contents you need for an entire day, it should not show that it's too bulky, heavy, or over-burdened. You want a streamlined, well-organized look. 

  • Secret #4: It should have a handle.
    This detail is often overlooked. There's nothing like the confident feeling of striding into a meeting holding your backpack in your hand. When you're making a first impression, you don't want to be fiddling with taking your backpack off your shoulders; do this outside, before you walk into the room.

  • Secret #5: It should make you look dignified.
    Yes, the backpack should make you look dignified— that you know what you're doing; that you're prepared, organized, and in control; that you're ready to take action.
When we set out to create the Pro Backpack, we focused on details like these. These small touches matter, and paying attention to them results in a backpack with purpose.  Check out our collaboration with customers to create the Pro Backpack here

What is your criteria for bestowing a backpack "office-worthy"? Let us know at [email protected]