7 Daily Tips From Santa's San Francisco HQ for Finding the Perfect Gift

Not sure what to get the people on your list? Starting December 2, we'll be sharing daily Gift Tips to help generate some creative ideas. 

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  • Tip #1: Gifts for making air travel more enjoyable
    - Escape the noise & hubbub with a membership to an airport lounge.
    - Speed through security and skip long lines by applying for TSA Pre.
    - Use travel-specific bags and cases to keep you organized before, during, and after the flight.

  • Tip #2: Gifts for a stress-free commute
    - Skip the ticket lines with a monthly commuter pass.
    - Make the ride more pleasant with a monthly music subscription download.
    - Carry items comfortably in a bag tailored for different commuting styles. 

  • Tip #3: Gifts for organizing one's life
    - Surprise busy households with a month's housekeeping service.
    - Catalog and store old photos and videos with a digital scanning service.
    - Keep tech gear and small items together in device-specific pouches.

  • Tip #4: Gifts that keep us playing
    - Engage with friends and family with a monthly game board subscription.
    - Live the fantasy with a personal karaoke machine.
    - Impress the adult Nintendo Switch gamer with a professional-looking case. 

  • Tip #5: Gifts for busy executives
    - Reward a hard day at the office with a monthly wine club membership.
    - Encourage short get-aways with a year-long National Parks pass.
    - Showcase good taste with an award-winning office briefcase.

  • Tip #6: Gifts for keeping life more secure
    - Keep multiple passwords safe by enrollling in a one-password app.
    - Encourage the practice of saving by jumpstarting a ROTH IRA with $50.
    - Keep cash and credit cards safe in slim, stylish wallets.

  • Tip #7: Gift for Santa (start the new year right)
    - Run a 5K after the shopping, the driving, the waiting...
    - See an art house foreign film and transport yourself to another world.
    - Beat the rush and be the first to receive a NEW! 2018 WaterField original design.

Complimentary Gift Tags are included with all orders –– one less thing for you to worry about.  See the WaterField Gift Guide for other ideas.

If you have your own tips to share, please email us at [email protected]