WaterField now on Kickstarter! Until Sept. 25, get rewards for supporting new product now in Beta

WaterField has a long history of collaborating with customers on product design. As early as 1998 when the company started, customers have been instrumental in helping shape the WaterField Designs product line. 

It was the team from the MIT Media Lab that helped perfect the design for the SleeveCase. They needed a custom-fitting case for their Sony Vaio, so out popped the neoprene + ballistic nylon with distinctive Indium trim.

Because the design was already well-tested and well-received, it didn't take long to modify it to fit the Powerbook G3 when Steve Jobs introduced a new version in 1998. (Remember that keynote?) That was WaterField's breakthrough moment. WaterField was first to market with a SleeveCase that paired well with the Powerbook. Apple early adopters loved it. Apple editors loved it. Business boomed from reviews, forum mentions, and word-of-mouth. Since then, WaterField has made custom-fit cases for every Apple device (remember the iSight webcam? iBook? iPod?), plus a bunch of others along the way.

The company has never forgotten its early years and has continued to incorporate customer feedback into new products. With Kickstarter, it's now easier to collaborate and add finishing touches prior to production. The best part? Early backers get rewarded for their support. 

With the Intrepid iPhone Travel Wallet, WaterField is using Kickstarter for the first time to engage with customers. The design for the wallet is almost complete; it's now ready for the finishing touches.

Checkout the WaterField Kickstarter Page and join the hubbub.

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