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MacBook SleeveCase
Chung M.h. (New Taipei, Taiwan)
MacBook 14-inch sleeve case experience in use

Although I haven't got the macbook yet, But when I touched the bag, I knew it was a good thing.
I like your products very much, even if high shipping costs are required, I'm going to buy your products, too. Thank you for providing such a good product.
My English is not very good, thank you for reading.

Outback Solo Case for MacBook and iPad
Ricardo I.P. (Calabarzon, Philippines)

Outback Solo Case for MacBook and iPad

Marqui Crossbody Pouch
Benoit D. (Quebec, Canada)

Bought the larger version for carrying my new iPad Mini. It’s perfect, I love it!

Bolt Briefcase
Mike M. (Arizona, United States)
Great briefcase

I’ve been interested in purchasing this briefcase for about 3 years. I already owned 6 Saddleback Leather briefcases, so I couldn’t really give my wife a good reason why I needed a waxed canvas briefcase. I decided that this would be perfect to bring to Church. I handle the video streaming, and this bag is perfect to carry my iPad, computer and all attachments I needed.

I’m very happy with my purchase.

Bolt Sling
George M. (Île-de-France, France)
Good solution to “lots of stuff”

I switched from the Muzetto bag to the Bolt Sling. The Muzetto carried almost everything i wanted - but I need more and the BS does that (space for a book or a slew of paper as well as my MacBook Pro; plus the two external pouches offer places for various things as well). Getting used to how to put it on but that’ll come with time … so far so good (and of course quality of materials and assembly is world class)

Air Travel Backpack - this is my final one, no more experiments

I have tried several travel packs before and now I am pretty sure, the Air Travel Backpack will be my last one! Quality is top, the design well thought out. Enough space for a MacBook Pro, an iPad and essential accessories plus clothes for one or even two overnights. This is may third product from SFBags after a case for the AirPods Max and a Laptop bag. I have never been disappointed! So happy with it.

Bolt Sling
Peter L. (Illinois, United States)
My favorite bag

It’s sleek, comfortable, and efficient. It’s my go to bag for work and travel and holds my 14” MacBook Pro, all my cables, power supplies, and adapters, and my Bose headphones perfectly. It’s basically a dream come true.

Bolt Sling
Gary V. (Florida, United States)
Great bag for new Macbook

Absolutely love this bag. Only suggestion would be to put a better handle on the bag for hand carry. Otherwise it is perfect.

CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch
William C. (Texas, United States)
The greatest Nintendo Switch case of all time

You can never go wrong with this company. No matter what the product is you can always expect the highest level of skill, care, and quality will be put into it's creation. The Cityslicker case for the Nintendo Switch is simply more evidence that this is the case. Everything's been thought through and the bag looks and functions in amazing fashion. If I had one small nitpick to make it would be that the microfiber cloth panel is still designed for the OLED Switch and actually does not cover the entirety of the new screen. There's stitching that would have been on the bezel of the old Switch that now at least have the ability to rest against the screen, but I'm really splitting hairs here now. Their designers have found no serious issues that would cause a need for a design change and I have not seen any ill effects so far from the mis-fitting panel so I do believe the designers when they say this. It would just also be nice to have a modified version of this case meant specifically to cover the entire OLED screen. The overall Switch unit however still fits perfectly into the case even though it's slightly bigger. Even with that being said this is still the best Switch case I've ever used and I would not let what I just mentioned in any way sway you from your purchase. That is a very small thing and there's so many things this case does right that it seems inconsequential by comparison. Everything from the materials to the craftsmanship is 100% top of the line.. If you're looking for the best you can get this is it!

Bolt Sling
Rick G. (California, United States)
It’s a great bag, but the sling strap isn't quite right...

No question, Waterfield makes great bags, and this one is no exception. Really well designed, thoughtful features. My only gripe is that the sling doesn’t stay firmly on my (broad) shoulders when I walk across campus.

MacBook SleeveCase
Fred H. (California, United States)
MacBook Pro 14

Perfect just as everything I have bought from WaterField over the years

MacBook SleeveCase
Paul Y. (Arizona, United States)

Love my new sleeve for my MacBook 16” I tried the faux suede one this time. I used my ballistic cloth one for years (it looks brand new).

Pouch for Nintendo Switch
Cory A. (Utah, United States)
Rugged Functionality

Don't let the waxed canvas exterior fill you. Inside this pouch is all plush. It has a sturdy, rustic feel that belies the playful fun within. I love it.

Neo Sleeve for MacBook
Kenny H. (California, United States)
Amazing bag

As usual the attention to detail is outstanding! I’ve broken the case in and I love it!

Neo Sleeve for MacBook
Timothy M. (Colorado, United States)
Great sleeve. Quality materials.

But could use a handle in the end to aid removal of the laptop from the sleeve.

MacBook SleeveCase
Gary D. (Missouri, United States)
Great case…buy the ones with D-rings

This is my 3rd sleeve case from SFBags. They are stylish and protective and so very necessary if you are lugging around that 13" or 16" MacBook Pro. I would recommend getting the ones with the D-rings for adding a strap. I often, in offsite seminars, national meetings, or workshops, need to leave for a break but hate to take my entire backpack or briefcase; the minimalist strap and sleeve case lets me take my most valuable possession with me without lugging all my belongings around for a few minutes. Having the strap lets me have my hands free for getting coffee, snacks, or taking a bio break. ‘Could not live without it! If you make the mistake, like I did, and ordered the one without the rings, you can add them later with small D-ring stud screws from Amazon...but the SFBags' rings are better!

Muzetto Leather Bag
Nicholas H. (Iowa, United States)
Perfect for work

I am an Architect in Iowa and this bag is the perfect size for carrying my IPad along with chargers and paper work I need for the day. It is just the right size for carrying while documenting projects on the move. One other thing that I really enjoy is the smell of the leather as the bag sits next to me in my office here. After a long time searching for the perfect bag, I think I finally found it. Very well built!

MacBook SleeveCase
Richard J.T. (California, United States)
outstanding case

quality, fit, and looks are all superior, will last the lifetime of my MacBook Pro

Dash Sleeve for MacBooks
Polly B. (Michigan, United States)
Sleeve for new Macbook

I love the sleeve for my new MacBook. The only suggestion I have is to add a hook or fabric so the Mac can be pulled from the sleeve. Because of the tight fit, it can be challenging to remove. Great products as always!!!

Neo Sleeve for MacBook
Jay S. (Georgia, United States)

Really high quality. Was my first Waterfield purchase and I liked it enough to purchase the Executive Leather Messenger

Awesome bag

I searched and searched for a bag that was exactly what I wanted. 2 days later I stumbled on sfbags. I was very hesitant about ordering this due to the cost so I searched some more and return here. I ordered the compact bag and realized it was too small after I put my MBP14, 2 iPads and a notebook in it so I returned it for the larger one. I love this bag. It is the grizzly leather, smells and looks great. I highly recommend it plus it’s MADE IN THE USA ♥️

Dash Sleeve for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini
Greg G. (Florida, United States)
Still the best of the best!

I have owned close to 30 laptops and tablets and have used Waterfield cases on every single one. Still not found better fitting cases and get compliments all the time. I will guarantee I have sold a lot of cases for Waterfield, all my friends are very impressed. Hope you are doing well Gary, you know how long I have been one of your best customers.

Latigo Leather iPhone Holster
Micheal H. (Arizona, United States)
Great Holster!

Loving this holster and the very strong magnetic belt loop. Other than using with a belt, I have secured it to my hiking pack, running shorts, and even stuck the case with the phone in it to the squat rack in the gym. The case is easy to get the phone with silicone case and apple wallet in and out of the case. The case it self stays securely where I pull it but also removes from where it is mounted when desired. Loving it!

Micro Wallet
Fadzil A. (Brunei-Muara District, Brunei)
Love The Versatility

The Micro Bag is very versatile. I can use it as a wallet, cables, cards, and anything that fits. It's small and thin, easy and does not stand out. Really love the versatility of this bag.

Bolt Briefcase
Taran R. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Great laptop bag

I own several Waterfield bags and this is another great product. I use it with a 2021 16” MacBook Pro. Holds the laptop, iPad, chargers, hub, and assorted cables nicely. Feels and looks great.