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Air Porter Carry-On Bag
John b. (New Mexico, United States)
Perfect carrier bag

Haven’t flown yet but already using it for stylishly carrying things around town. Beautiful!

CitySlicker Case for Analogue Pocket
Scott L. (Oregon, United States)
Another Geat Carrying Case

Perfect as a slim and compact way to carry my Pocket and an extra game or two.

Tuck Backpack
Sergio H. (New Mexico, United States)

Tuck Backpack

CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch
Kay (North Carolina, United States)
Strong magnets

I was concerned about a magnetic closure on the case - would the case pop open in my backpack or bag so the Switch could slide out and get scratched or broken? I usually prefer the elastic straps to keep stuff closed. Turns out these are the strongest magnets I’ve ever had in a case. I can put the Switch and games in the main compartment, close it, pick it up by the closure flap and shake it, and the case stays closed. Very well designed.

Vero Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro
Thomas H. (Zurich, Switzerland)
Love it !

Since 2016 I am a regular client of bags of all kind from you guys! As always it’s an everyday pleasure to use your bags and accessoires and it’s the same with my new Vero Leather Sleeve. It feels nice, looks great and protects my laptop. Thanks to you! Thomas

Essential Laptop Backpack
Roy L. (California, United States)
My 30th bag from Waterfield Designs makes me as happy as the first

iPad mini bag - primarily a catch-all satellite bag for my carry-on backpack-
waxed canvas - love it to death

they make some great gear bags - i never go with anyone else.

CitySlicker for Steam Deck
Toup (New York, United States)
So far so good

The case that ships with the Steam Deck is fabulous but it's also large and built like a tank, and I don't really need it to survive falling off the roof of my car when I just want to walk up the street with the Deck in my backpack. So far it's done its job in keeping it protected for light travel, especially keeping the screen pristine. I don't really use the SD card storage and back zipper; they add a little extra bulk, and it looks a little larger than I expected. It does squish down to reduce volume a bit - which I like, but I think it does leave the analog sticks a bit vulnerable. The stitching and materials are adequate but maybe not that impressive for a product at this price point. But honestly, my favorite thing about this is how much faster it is to slip the Steam Deck in and out of. It's a lot faster and easier than the long zipper and clamshell design of Valve's case (and the magnetic clasps are nice!). It's primarily this reason I find it a lot more useful in a daily carry capacity. Overall, I like it.

Vitesse Cycling Musette
Donald P. (New Jersey, United States)
Perfect Size

Not too big, not too small… this messenger bag is all I need to carry my iPhone, wallet and a few personal items while walking or biking. As always with WaterField bags, the quality is outstanding.

pro executive backack

professional looking and great design backpack.

Magnetic Laptop Sleeve
Mary G. (California, United States)

Very sturdy but very nice looking. Plenty of room for mag cord and charging block. Very pleased with the sleeve.

Sutter Tech Sling
Brian C. (Florida, United States)
Sutter Tech Sling

Nice design, lightweight & comfortable. Love it!

Moto Front Sling
Austin M.
Moto sling - excellent buy

I purchased the sling when they first announced it and they did their homework. I daily a CBR600RR and this is compact enough to wear facing the front while tucking. The high visibility interior makes seeing and grabbing items very easy even with gloves on. It’s water resistant for sure - been rained on multiple times and my items stay dry. There is a sticky/grippy underside to the shoulder strap to prevent it from moving position and can confirm it stays in place at a little faster than legal highway speeds. This was an excellent purchase.

Latigo Leather iPhone Holster
Alan L. (New Jersey, United States)
The pouch is very nice quality leather I love it for my iPhone 14 Pro Max

One thing I don’t understand about your company is that I had to spend $7.00 for shipping

AirPods Max Shield Case
Kevin C. (California, United States)
Fantastic Protection

The standard case that comes with the Airpods Max is terrible. It offers no protection, especially to the mesh headbands. These Waterfield cases offers great protection and extra pockets that I can carry a charger and some wires. I love the way it smells and feels, it feels premium.

AirPods Max Shield Case
Robin H. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Fantastic case!

I recently traveled out of the country with this new case and it was fantastic. I could toss it in my carry on bag and not worry. Also it was easy to access the headphones and great storage of the cords!

Ranger Phone Case
Michael W. (California, United States)
The best holster for my phone

It looks great, feels great, hold everything perfectly and I love it. I cannot think of a better product for my phone. This is the second phone holster I have bought

Tech Folio Brief
Eric C. (New York, United States)
Another Amazing Waterfield Bag

This is my 4th Waterfield bag and, just like the other 3 bags, it is amazing. I love their waxed canvas with chocolate leather trim bags. This tech folio brief makes the perfect travel bag for electronic gadgets and gear. It's well made and gorgeous. If you're considering buying a Waterfield, do yourself a favor and get it!

Essential Laptop Backpack
Opus104 (Maryland, United States)
Fantastic Backpack

A perfect light weight everyday tool. The structure that allows for it to free stand is a killer feature.

AirPods Max Shield Case
James H. (California, United States)
Almost Perfect

The case is great. I”m sure it will provide great protection. I would have given it a 5 if I didn’t feel like there was a little bait and switch going on. In all the video reviews from influencers (even from the company), the interior was what appeared to be a fur lining, and there were leather butterfly magnets and closures. I guess that was too expensive to make, as the lining was replaced with fabric and the leather is now nylon. Not a huge deal since it works fine (and when I looked closely, the website pictures were updated) but I was a little disappointed that the case now uses cheaper material than the case I saw in video that motivated me to purchase (and the price is the same.)

Dynamic Duo Glasses Case
EW (California, United States)
Perfect for travel

Great utility and space savings to have two pockets for glasses for two people.

MacBook SleeveCase
Ryley P. (New York, United States)
Great for 14” MBP

There is a shocking lack of available cases for the 14” MBP, but I’m glad that scarcity pushed me to this case. It is absolutely flawless in size and looks great. The d ring option will be great for coffee shop runs in the future.

Sutter Tech Sling
sevys (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France)
Excellent sling bag for lighter carries.

Versatile sling bag, comfortable to wear once buckle position adjusted to suit your body shape. Shoulder pad is excellent with heavier loads or when wearing the sling over a tee shirt, but can be dispensed when wearing a jacket. Organisation pockets are good in the main bag, but an additional dedicated key pocket would have been useful since the existing pocket is handier for a phone.
Main bag easily fits water bottle, iPad Pro, chargers, camera, lightweight fleece. The additional pocket is good for quick access items such a book, windproof jacket or lightweight coat. The brown leather panel on the outside gives a nice weathered look. Sling equally comfortable worn across the front which is useful for airports when carrying a backpack.

Top quality, as always!

Packable Backpack
Tobias E. (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Perfect quality, perfect size, perfect shape

I bought the Packable Backback toherther with some other Bags, as I knew from experience with many past purchases from SF Bags, that the quality and construction would be top notch. I was not disappointed. Tight stitching, quality materials and solid zippers.

I have bought close to a dozen items from sfbags over the last few years and I have yet to be disappointed. These are not cheap, they are made in the US and made to last for years.

I've got a few bags that are going years that I use daily that are still in amazing shape. Recently i had to ask the customer service for the replacement of a zipper. I never had such a postive, good and honest customer service expirience. Never.
Spend your money wisely now and invest in quality; over the lifetime it will save you money.

Magnetic Laptop Sleeve
Alexandra E. (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Magnetic Laptop Sleeve