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iPad Air SleeveCase
Stacey (Tennessee, United States)
Another awesome product!

I have been a longtime customer of SF Bags. I have bought briefcases, gear cases, and sleeve cases. And as always, the product is uniquely designed, well-thought-out with great features, and made of quality materials. It is perfect for my iPad and I have the piggyback add-on for the power cables, AirPods, keys, and a small wallet. Perfect for traveling. And with the suspension strap, it is hands-free! Yay, SF Bags!

Sutter Tech Sling
Michael P. (South Carolina, United States)
What A Great Bag !

I’ve Purchased Many Bags And Sleeves From Waterfield Designs Over The Years. This Sling Lives Up To Every Other Bag I’ve Purchased From Them. I Could Not Be More Pleased ! I Love Everything About It !

Sutter Tech Sling
Owen W. (California, United States)

Sutter Tech Sling

AirPods Max Shield Case
Ashton P. (Virginia, United States)

Really good case and very safe for my AirPods max and very amazing quality 10/10 love them.

Vitesse Cycling Musette
Max L. (Washington, United States)
Great Messenger Bag

I love this bag. It is just the right size for a daily public transit commute. The bag is well designed and is comfortable to wear while walking. I am quite happy with this purchase.

AirPods Max Shield Case
Charles T. (Florida, United States)
Great Craftsmanship

It’s durable, and I can tell that it’s done with expertise.

Packable Sling Bag
Ernie B. (California, United States)
Not easy to fold up

Haven’t used it yet

CitySlicker for Steam Deck
Landon F. (Oregon, United States)

Amazing bag. After shopping around for a good Steam Deck bag, this one is easily the best one and most well made to date that I've seen. It came in only two weeks, and the customer support I had over email was phenomenal. Really down to earth, real people. The bag itself is excellently made, and has loads of padding for those worried about harming their precious new Steam Deck. The genuine leather feels extremely premium, and the micro and non micro sd card slots are awesome for those who keep their games on separate cards. The extra space on the inside comfortably fits my external power bank, cable, and does not feel bulky or heavy when worn with the added sling strap, (which by the way, has connectors that spin so you dont have to worry about putting it on a certain way, if you put it on backwards you can just swivel it and youre good to go!). 100% recommend the bag for any aspiring Steam Deck owner, for style, build quality, and comfort. Excellent job SFbags!

Sutter Tech Sling
Matthew D. (Indiana, United States)
Very happy, and a suggestion

So far really happy with it. I wanted a bag just big enough for my iPad Pro 12.9 with Magic Keyboard, and it’s an exact fit. It’s also very comfortable to sling over a shoulder. My other goal was to downsize from a full messenger bag, since I finished grad school and no longer need to carry textbooks, so it’s a win.

One suggestion - I do wish it had a business card pocket stitched above the other internal pockets.

Packable Backpack
Brenda H. (New Hampshire, United States)
Packable Backpack & Sutter Slim Backpack

Jasmine was fantastic in her recommendations to set me up for a 10 day trip to the islands. With her recommendations, I ordered the Sutter Slim for the air travel to secure my belongings instead of a handbag and then transferred sunglasses and a few key items to the packable backpack for use at the beach and poolside! The combination of both products kept all my belongings secure throughout the vacation! I appreciate all the Waterfield products and the exceptional service! The only feedback I have for Gary - maybe add a few options that are a bit fun for females - maybe some lime green or pink colors inside the bags to soften the black and brown wax products, or maybe test some brighter colors on smaller products such as our laptop or iPad covers! See how the market deals with some color!

Gear Pouch
Joel K. (California, United States)
Great Gear Bag

Excellent Bag. Perfect for all my accessories.

Finn Access Wallet
Leston T. (California, United States)
Smart design, Slim and Secure

Best wallet I’ve ever owned. Top quality leather and design! Easy to access my credit cards, cash and ID cards. RFID secure option for credit and ID cards. Waterford products are top notch.

Tuck Backpack
Jeff B. (California, United States)
What a bag!

Just got my Tuck backpack. It's truly excellent quality. Thanks Gary!

Cycling Tote
Donna S. (New York, United States)
Great Bag for on the Go

Bought this bag for my special needs daughter who does cycling with Special Olympics. She just bought a new road bike and I thought this would be a great addition. It is perfect. It holds everything she needs for a day of cycling, with extra room to spare. It's designed well, seems like the material will hold up and we won't forgot anything at home.

Bolt Sling
Keston T. (Borough of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago)
Best Sling Bag I’ve ever had

I’ve always liked sling bags but none ever felt comfortable until the Bold Sling. The adjustable strap is awesome and easy to use. Built quality is outstanding. The compact version was a bit too small for my needs but the Full version is perfect. An easy recommendation.

Agile Brief
Anthony D. (Virginia, United States)
Agile Brief Review

The Agile Brief is probably my favorite Waterfield product to date and I've been a customer of theirs for 5+ years. I liked is so much after a few days of use I purchased a second one as a gift for a friend. The magnetic buckles rock!

Cargo Laptop Bag
Michael J. (Illinois, United States)
Nothing Beats this Cargo Bag

I absolutely love this bag from the leather that smells fantastic and high quality to the form and function of the bag. This is my third product from Waterfield and is the best one yet. The price might be high when you compare to other bags, but then again once it was in my hands there is no comparison!!!! Hands down the best bag I have ever owned. I can’t wait to find more products to buy from Waterfield and you should too!

Vero Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro
Adrian C. (British Columbia, Canada)

Amazing quality!

Sutter Slim Backpack
Joshua A. (New South Wales, Australia)
Best purchase I’ve made in a long time

Build quality from WaterField is incredible. The only thing I wish I did was order the size up from this backpack.

Agile Brief
Edwin G. (Texas, United States)
Waterfield does it again!

The Agile is a great solution to the problem of being light, versatile, relatively informal, and finding a reason to be excited to go to work (even if that work is at home). For my use, the three pockets for pens is a great improvement over the Bolt, the front phone pocket is better than the Staad, and the free-standing ability is also a great plus. In short, style and ingenuity have never looked better together. The big question is canvas vs nylon. I chose the canvas but either is a great solution for this new, tech-driven, post pandemic world. Five stars!

Analogue Pocket Pouch
Joshua T. (New Mexico, United States)
Amazing pouch

I don’t have an analogue pocket yet, it’s still on pre-order. However I’m using the pocket pouch with my modded GBA and it fits great. I love the cushioned soft interior and the extra outside pocket is great for game carts and extra batteries!

AirPods Max Shield Case
Alexander C. (Virginia, United States)

Great quality great experience great design

Ranger Phone Case
John W.S.J. (New York, United States)
Apple IPhone 13 pro max Ranger leather sheath

Love it! Great quality workmanship, great design, quality leather and great stitching! Rare earth magnets work great and the pull down latch on the cover helps keep it closed until needed. Especially like the ability to use with or without a belt, I usually hook in my side pocket but works for attaching on a shoulder strap or even in the front of a t-shirt neckline. The design is pure form follows function! I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to carry their phone or anything else that fits in this type of carry. Great job! Thanks for an incredible product!

Analogue Pocket Pouch
G. c. (New York, United States)
Pocket pouch

I love it! Nothing else needed to say.

Packable Duffel
Steven T. (Virginia, United States)

Last night, we gave this Packable Duffel to the leader of our local non-profit organization, during a shared dinner. Without any hesitation, she declared "I'm taking this SAILING!" I think she could see/feel the light-weightness and the water-resistance, without having read any description. We initially purchased this because of our local musician friend who loves his Packable Tote! Thank you!