NEW! Cargo Camera bag for DSLR and mirrorless cameras
In Full and Compact sizes
See-through pockets lets you quickly scan items
Wide opening gives you quick access to all your gear while wearing the bag
Removable insert is padded on all four sides and lined with plush fabric
Insert attaches via magnetic Fidlocks
Adaptive dividers lets you organize your equipment without velcro
Full Size
Compact size
Full-grain leather flap stores frequently-accessed items
Under-flap pocket holds bulky items
Adjustable tripod straps
Sweat-wicking mesh backing with grab handle
Includes Supreme Suspension Strap ($49 value)
Supreme Suspension Strap stays steady on your shoulder
Ballistic nylon with Chocolate Leather
Ballistic nylon with Black Leather
Waxed canvas with Chocolate Leather

Cargo Camera Bag


For DSLR & mirrorless cameras

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The compact Cargo Camera Bag lets you quickly access your DSLR or mirrorless camera while the bag is on your shoulder. A removable, padded insert protects your camera + extra lenses. Multiple pockets hold accessories and are easy to access with one hand. Includes the Supreme Suspension Strap for all-day comfort. 


Designed by photographers for photographers. See the Community Design process from idea to production here

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • 1050 Denier Black ballistic or brown waxed canvas
  • Full-grain leather accent
  • More details here


  • Full:
  • 12.5” (l) 5” (w) 8.5” (h)
    31.75 (l) 12.7 (w) 21.59 (h) cm
    Insert Dimensions: 11.5'' (l) 5'' (w) 7.25'' (h)
    Volume: 8.7 Liters

  • Compact:
  • 10.5” (l) 4” (w) 7.5” (h)
    26.67 (l) 10.16 (w) 19.05 (h) cm
    Insert Dimensions: 10.25'' (l) 4'' (w) 6.5'' (h)
    Volume: 5.2 Liters

  • Weight:
  • Compact: Ballistic 2 lbs.; 907 gm / Canvas 2.2 lbs.; 998 gm
    Full: Ballistic 2.5 lbs.; 1134 gm / Canvas 2.8 lbs.; 1270 gm


  • Adjustable and removable padded camera insert with adaptive padded dividers.
  • Removable insert attaches with magnetic Fidlock snaps.
  • Dense, lightweight, foam padding surrounds camera insert and camera bag shell.
  • Zippered, three-dimensional pocket on leather flap for quick-access items.
  • Pleated open pocket under flap for bulkier accessories.
  • Mesh interior pockets provide room for SD cards, flash drives, batteries, and chargers.
  • Adjustable tripod carry straps attach to the bottom of the bag.
  • Padded Suspension Strap that rests on your shoulder for comfort and flexibility.
  • Flexible strap options: Strap attaches to D-ring on left or right side of either shoulder.
  • Simple rear handle facilitates quick grab or slides over suitcase handles.
  • Easy-to-access: Top-down opening for grabbing camera on the go.
  • Gold interior lining in the front and back pockets for visibility.
  • Breathable mesh back padding enhances airflow and cushioning.
  • YKK waterproof zippers and highly water-resistant materials help protect contents.
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  • International: 2-3 business day delivery. Country duty/tax calculated at Checkout. Details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ron F. (Oregon, United States)
Needs a little more thought...

I love your items, they’re amazingly made with fantastic materials. I was excited to see a small camera bag. As I expected, premium, wonderful materials. However, the 3 section insert with fixed sections does not offer the required flexibility. I use a longer lens which does not fit on camera in any of the sections. Typically I would remove one or both center dividers to accomodate my camera with lens. This is not possible in your bag. So my only recourse is to remove the insert completely, at which point my camera easily fits, but I lose the benefit of the protective padding.

I would have liked to see much more flexibility in arranging the internal dividers.


Brandon L.J. (New York, United States)
Greatest Camera Bag Point Blank Period

The Quality and craftsmanship this company produces is unbelievable and always have a luxury feel to it! If your investment into your gear was a simple decision of going with the best to level the playing to making magici happen with your equipment then look no further because Waterfield has listen to it’s valuable customers and film makers to collaboratively design a camera bag that will stand the test of time and give you peace of mind in the harshest possible filming conditions and give you a stylish look and feel as you commute to and from set. This camera bag is stylish and functional, what are you waiting for place your order and get your gear ready for its new cozy surroundings of the Waterfield Luxurious camera bag!!

Fresh i.N. (California, United States)
Excellent bag for camera enthusiasts

It is obvious a lot of thought went into preparing this camera bag for production. I have had it a very short time, but am extremely pleased so far with the look, feel and functionality of this bag. This is a top-of-the-line product.

Sergiy G. (North Carolina, United States)
Great as a walk-around camera bag

I own several bags from Waterfield Designs, and this one is as excellent as usual.

It fits two Leica Ms with lenses + extra lens, or a Sony A1 with a lens attached + one extra. If you remove the padded foamy insert, it can even fit a Sony 1 with a 100-400 mm lens, although it is a very tight fit.

My favorite feature is the easily removable foam insert with a sewn-in divider. It's very well padded for extra protection you might need during travels and can be removed if you want a bit of extra space or want to use it to carry something other than a camera.

I don't like super-padded camera bags because they end up heavy and inefficient - I'd instead use a camera pouch or a wrap for transportation. But I believe WD found a great compromise with the removable insert that doesn't take up much space.

Paul W. (District of Columbia, United States)
Need More Room

Build quality is nice, as expected. However there is barely enough room for a Nikon Z body and one lens -- not enough room for two lenses unless it is kept on the body. Seems to be a lot of empty space that could be devoted to the camera body and lens portion of the bag. The bag doesn't work well as a sling bag either. It is good but not wonderful.


The Cargo Camera Bag comes in two sizes and can fit the following devices:


  1. Compact Size:
    1. Mirrorless camera body/lens + 1 extra prime lens and accessories
    2. DSLR camera body/lens + 1 extra prime lens and accessories
  2.  Full Size:
    1. Mirrorless camera body/lens + 2 extra lenses and accessories
    2. DSLR camera body/lens + 2 extra lenses and accessories



The bag's wide opening comes in handy when you need to grab your camera quickly to take that once-in-a-lifetime shot. The bag stays steady on your body as you move around, and well-placed pleats keep the bag from opening too wide and prevents the contents from accidentally spilling over. 


See-through mesh pockets store your filters, SD cards, and other small items so you can quickly take what you need with your free hand. Additional pockets on the flap and under the flap let you access items without having to zip open the bag. Adjustable straps at the bottom stores your tripod. 


The Cargo Camera Bag is a perfect sidekick when out in the field,  and stores your equipment safely when not in use. 



The Cargo Camera Bag's removable insert protects your camera and lenses with dense foam padding on the sides and bottom and is lined with soft fleece. 


The insert's adaptive dividers are sewn in and flex right and left to accommodate various sized cameras and lenses. The origami-like approach lets you make adjustments without the loud sound of Velcro®, a big plus when shooting in quiet settings. 




Over the years, WaterField customers have requested for a camera bag. Working with this community, we focused on making a bag for carrying DSLR and mirrorless cameras. 


Many of the features of the Cargo Camera Bag came from their wish list: easy access to camera and equipment, one-handed opening/closing, protect contents from prying eyes, and have that “WaterField look.” 


The result: the Cargo Camera Bag — designed to be accessed while on your body and holds everything you need for a photoshoot. For all-day comfort, it comes with a Supreme Suspension Strap and a moisture-wicking mesh backing. 


See the Community Design process from start to finish here



If you have the waxed canvas and chocolate leather version of the Cargo Camera Bag, Gary shows how you can maintain these materials so they’ll look great over time. We use full-grain Roughman Leather for your bag which has oils that respond well to heat.


Although this video is for the AirPods Max Shield Case, the maintenance also applies to your sling.


Keep your waxed canvas Cargo Camera Bag looking new by applying a bit of wax when you think it needs a little refresh. Although any wax for canvas will work, you can use Martexin Original Wax which was initially used to coat your canvas bag. 


The video shows the waxed canvas Vitesse Musette to illustrate how to apply the wax.  

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