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Update #5: THE CASE FOR THE PROS- August 21, 2018

We’re ready to launch the Next Generation Gear Case for the Pros. This is for IT consultants and specialists in their field who carry more tech gear in their line of work. Today, we introduce the Tech Folio Plus.


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Update #4: THE CASE FOR THE MINIMALIST- August 14, 2018

We continue finishing up work on the Next Generation Gear Cases for the Minimalist and the Pro. Today, we’re ready to launch the NEW! Tech Pocket, an extra pocket for the Minimalist. Next up: The case for the Pro.


Update #3: WE’RE READY TO LAUNCH!- August 6, 2018

Based on your last round of feedback, we were inspired to quickly get to work. Working on the the case for Gadgeteers first, it’s now ready to launch. Check out the NEW! Tech Folio, the everyday carry for those who take along their tech gear wherever they go. Next up: The case for the Minimalist.


Update #2: WHAT TYPE OF USER ARE YOU? - July 23, 2018

Are you a Minimalist, Gadgeteer, or Pro user? Check out the video to see the results,and see how we plan to incorporate organization, quick access, and flexibility in the Next Generation Gear Case.


Update #1: SURVEY RESULTS - July 10, 2018

Thank you for participating! We reviewed hundreds of responses and have summarized the results.



You asked; we listened. We're getting ready to design a new set of gear cases. Would you like to help design it? Once you join our community design team, you're in for some fun. You'll receive updates, critique our ideas, and let us know if we're on the right track.