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  • EXO iPad SleeveCase
  • EXO iPad SleeveCase rear pocket
    EXO iPad SleeveCase rear pocket
  • EXO iPad SleeveCase diagram
    EXO iPad SleeveCase diagram
  • Strap Options
    Strap Options
  • Indium Trim
    Indium Trim
  • Grizzly Leather trim
    Grizzly Leather trim
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  • EXO iPad SleeveCase strap and piggyback
    EXO iPad SleeveCase strap and piggyback
$59 $65 $59 $65 $59 $65 $64 $70 $64 $70 $64 $70 $71 $77 $71 $77 $71 $77 $81 $87 $81 $87 $81 $87 iPad Exo SleeveCase. Apple protection for your iPad/iPad Mini with Smart Cover. Ballistic nylon shell, high-grade neoprene, plastic insert keeps it all secure.
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Fits new iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 in Apple Smart Case or another 3rd party case

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When your iPad is in another case. The EXO SleeveCase is designed to protect your iPad Air or iPad mini Retina when it is inside another Case like the Apple Smart Case. The interior is cushioned with high-grade neoprene; the exterior is a nearly indestructible ballistic nlyon shell. Most form-fitting third party cases will fit inside the EXO. This SleeveCase can be used stand-alone or inserted into another bag. Frequent flyers will appreciate not having to take out their iPad in this TSA Checkpoint- Friendly case.


  • Available for iPad Air & iPad mini with Apple Smart Case or form-fitting 3rd party case:
    • iPad Air 2, iPad 2 or 4
    • iPad mini 3 or iPad Mini
  • Made of sturdy black ballistic nylon with two trim choices:
    • Lead Indium
    • Grizzly Leather
  • Orientation:
    • Vertical (iPad Mini comes only in Horizontal)
    • Horizontal
  • Optional Strap:
    • D-rings only
    • Simple Strap Mini
    • Suspension Strap Mini
  • TSA checkpoint-friendly case


Lead Indium

Lead Indium

Grizzly Leather

Grizzly Leather

Hi Gary,

I just received my iPad exo-sleeve case and I have to tell you that I am beyond thrilled with it!! I can certainly tell that it was made in America as the quality craftsmanship is outstanding. I noticed that your first run of this case is sold out and I am not surprised in the least. I could not be any happier.

On a side note, I have the Apple iPad case and a second leather case from another company and I had no issues sliding either case in or out of your sleeve case. The fit is just perfect.

Thank you again so much for the gorgeous and very protective case. I received an email from you yesterday, 5-7-10 telling me the case would be sent out that evening. It is now the very next day and I am already using it.....Wow!!!!

Sally Hout


I just wanted to let you guys know that I've been using the iPad Ultimate Sleevcase for a couple of days, and I LOVE IT! The iPad fits like a glove, and the case feels very sturdy. I am fully confident in its ability to protect my iPad. Thanks again so much for all that you've guys have done!


Hi Gary,

I just want to start off by saying that the incredible customer service of WaterField Designs has been un-matched by anyone else. I don't even have the product yet, and you guys have been wonderful in keeping me updated and answering all the questions I've had. This is my first time purchasing a WaterField Designs product, and if the actual product has half the quality your customer service has, I will be a satisfied customer.

I found out about your site through iLounge.com. iLounge is one of the electronic news/blog sites I visit on a daily basis. They had a short blurb about the Ultimate SleeveCase for the iPad you guys put up for pre-order. I liked what I saw, but I didn't see too much information, so I Googled your company to see what others had to say. All the reviews I found had nothing but positive things to say about your products. They all commented on the high quality of materials used, and many of the reviewers seemed to be repeat customers. The only "bad" comment I found was regarding the premium price when compared to other products, but they quickly justified the price saying the quality deserved it. Apple is a company that prides themselves on quality products, and thus charge a higher premium when compared to the rest of the market. However, owners of Apple products are die-hard fans, vowing to only purchase Apple and nothing else. From reading the reviews about Waterfield Designs, that seems to be the case with you guys as well.

I admit, the premium price was almost enough to deter me in the beginning. However, I decided to give it a shot, only wanting the best for my iPad. I'm excited to receive the case. I am confident I'll have nothing but positive things to say.



On my way through O'Hare Int'l airport in August, an agent told me that as long as there wasn't anything else in the SleeveCase but my laptop, I could just pull the SleeveCase out of my larger bag and send it through the scanner. (i.e., without having to completely extract the laptop.)



I have to tell you an interesting story.

My waterfield sleeve case arrived today in the mail. I was out of the house running some errands when the package came. unfortunately my 5 month old australian shepherd puppy was in the yard.

i was greeted by an excited dog and shredded package everywhere! On the muddy grass was my waterfield case partially inside out. I dusted it off and it was fine. other than being slightly muddy, it was bombproof. Thanks for making a solid product.

Seattle, WA

The sleeve arrived today, and I've already received 2 compliments about it. I must admit I am feeling pretty satisfied with myself for making the correct choice. I did a lot of research before deciding on Waterfield, but the small element of doubt that remained was completely gone once I had it in my hands.The quality is obvious, it fits perfectly, is very comfortable, and there's no way I could improve on your design. The material is very nice too. All in all, I know where to go and whom to recomend now.

Thank you


Hi Folks,

To my pleasant surprise, my WaterField sleeve case arrived today in perfect condition. It meets all of my expectations and is worth all my research time and effort. Terrific quality and very nicely padded with neoprene. Smooth, uneventful transaction - the best kind... I have greatly enjoyed doing business with you and will not hesitate to recommend you to my family, friends, and any interested party.


Ellen and Roger

The Gadgeteer

WaterField iPad Exo SleeveCase Review

The Gadgeteer

"WaterField's bags are famous for the ability to customize a perfect bag for yourself. Most of their bags and sleeves allow for customization in trim style and orientation, options for a strap or d-rings, and the ability to add a piggyback pouch."

"On the bottom of the Exo SleeveCase, a loop strap is sewn over the leather trim. The loop strap is put there so you can hook your finger through it while pulling out the iPad."

"Protecting the iPad inside is high-grade neoprene that wraps the iPad on all sides. The outer layer of the Exo SleeveCase is made of ballistic nylon."

"The Exo SleeveCase has enough room to accommodate a naked iPad or an iPad with the Apple Sleeve or a similar protective sleeve."

"All WaterField's products are made in San Francisco, and they proudly put their "made in" tag on their products."

"The price is extremely good for such sturdy protection for the iPad on the go. I really liked how I could customize the Exo SleeveCase to get what I needed."


WaterField Bags iPad Exo SleeveCase

Macgasm - DATE

"Waterfield Designs, Inc., creates some of the highest quality bags on the market. Ranging from messenger bags to iPad cases to wallets, the company, which is located in San Francisco, is well known for great customer service and amazing bags for almost any type of gear."

"The iPad Exo Sleeve Case is designed to hold an iPad when it is inside another case. The Exo Sleeve was designed specifically to accommodate Apple's iPad Case, but it should fit virtually any other close-fitting case you might have on your iPad. "

"Several options are available for the Exo Sleeve. For the trim you can choose between a fabric (lead indium) and brown leather. The case can be ordered in either vertical or horizontal orientation. If you want a shoulder strap, you have the option of the simple strap mini or the suspension strap mini; or, if you have your own shoulder strap, you can just request D rings. If you would like a little more space for carrying accessories (more on that below), you can add a piggy back case with lead indium or leather trim."

"The Exo Sleeve is perfect for occasions when you want to carry your iPad hands free (if you get the strap, that is) or when you want an additional layer of protection for your iPad while it's in your other bags."

"The Waterfield iPad Exo Sleeve is a beautiful piece of workmanship. It is a lightweight but solidly built bag that houses your iPad when it's in another case. You can carry the Exo Sleeve by itself using the shoulder strap or you can put the Exo Sleeve in another bag. Its streamlined shape and light weight make it ideal for travel on airplanes (and the bag is checkpoint friendly). Waterfield offers lots of options so you can personalize the bag to your liking. And, you are always guaranteed great service when you deal with Waterfield."

Gear Guide

WaterField iPad EXO SleeveCase Review

Gear Guide - DATE

"WaterField is based in San Francisco and manufactures their products locally. No mass production or overseas workforce... WaterField's product line includes everything from classic messenger bags to a wide range of tablet accessories including those for the iPad."

"Quite an impressive little product. Top-notch construction and high-quality materials abound."

"WaterField builds the bulk of the product from heavy-duty ballistic nylon that's neoprene padded to protect the iPad."

"The iPad – in a separate case or Smart Cover – slides easily into the iPad EXO SleeveCase and secures underneath a hook and loop closure."

"You'll find a range of customization options including trim, orientation, straps and extra pouches."

"In our travels, it significantly upped our confidence when packing the iPad from destination to destination. Nary a scratch or ding in transit. It's also TSA friendly so no need to separate the iPad from its case when going through security."

Rating: 4/5

The Mac Observer

Waterfield Designs Exo SleeveCase

The Mac Observer - DATE

"The SleeveCase has ample padding inside to protect my iPad, and the outside is made of a tough woven nylon accented with leather on the bottom. The cover flap closes over my iPad and is secured by a big piece of Velcro."

"Waterfield made the SleeveCase adaptable, you can pick from an impressive list of accessories so that you can outfit your SleeveCase just the way you want it."

"You can get the SleeveCase with or without a shoulder strap, select to the orientation of the case (landscape or portrait), select the type of trim (leather or nylon), you can even order a companion pouch to carry your extra stuff. The pouch clips onto the case's should strap d-ring and is zippered and lined with padding and a soft material inside."

"The Exo SleeveCase is also TSA approved.... Just leave the iPad in the Exo SleeveCase and let it ride through the x-ray with your shoes."

"OK, so we have a case that is great looking, functional, can be accessorized, and is built like it will cost you a pretty penny. Which brings me to the subject of price and another bit of nicety: Exo SleeveCase won't cost you a pretty penny!"

"The bottom line is this: The Exo SleeveCase from Waterfield Designs is designed well, made well, looks great, and can be outfitted to suit most needs and tastes."

Rating: "Get it Now! - Highest rating and an absolute must-have"

Accessory Spotter

iPad EXO SleeveCase Review

Accessory Spotter

"Cushioned with high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a nearly indestructible ballistic nylon shell, the iPad EXO SleeveCase can be inserted into another bag or—with the optional strap and Piggyback accessories case—function as a stand alone case. No need to take your iPad out of its snug, protective compartment at airport security, because it's TSA Checkpoint Friendly."

Rating: Accessory Spotter "Best of CTIA 2013" Award

Mobility Site

Review: iPad Exo SleeveCase by WaterField

Mobility Site

"Even I don't have a good enough vocabulary to praise this case and WaterField's products and service properly. I strongly recommend both the case and the company.You won't regret working with either."

"A case which promises great versatility..."

"...includes many of the same excellent design features as other WaterField cases and bags."

"You also get the range of choices that is typical of WaterField. You can choose when ordering if you wish the case to be in landscape mode or portrait mode and if you wish leather or Indium accents."

"It feels substantial but not heavy. This is due to the fact that the interior of the case is strongly padded."

"WaterField's attention to detail...make this case remarkable."

"the outer ballistic nylon shell folds over the top of the neoprene lining as a lip. Not only does this make the case more attractive, but it also means that the neoprene which is more subject to wear than the nylon, won't be damaged over time by the iPad rubbing against the edge every time it is put into or taken out of the case. This is a perfect example of the sorts of steps WaterField takes both to lengthen the life of their cases and to make sure they look great at all times."

"Technically the case has been sized to Apple's official book style iPad case, but I tried it with several different cases of approximately that size, and it fit all of them."

"The Exo SleeveCase in conjunction with another case is that the Exo SleeveCase can also act as a bag. On each edge of the Exo SleeveCase is a reinforced D-ring, just below the lip of the case. These are designed to allow you to attach a strap to the Exo SleeveCase turning it into a shoulder bag specifically designed for your iPad."

"The Exo SleeveCase is first and foremost a protective iPad travel case, able to work in conjunction with any close fitting case you wish to keep the iPad inside for use or standalone. It can also be used as a stylish carry bag that looks professional enough to use in the business world as well as casual enough to be used in everyday life. Truly this is a case for all seasons, and one of the most versatile and flat-out useful I have ever worked with."

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