iPhone 5s Smart Case

  • iPhone 5S SmartCase
    iPhone 5S SmartCase
  • iPhone 5S SmartCase front and back
    iPhone 5S SmartCase front and back
  • iPhone 5S SmartCase
    iPhone 5S SmartCase
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  • iPhone 5S SmartCase
    iPhone 5S SmartCase
  • iPhone 5S SmartCase diagram
    iPhone 5S SmartCase diagram
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$59.00 $59.00 $59.00 $59.00 $59.00 $59.00 The design is simple and elegant, but the intent is hard-core protection without the bulk. Under-an-inch thin, the Smart Case padding keeps your iPhone secure.
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Get Smart. The simple design masks the hard-core protection without the bulk. Under-an-inch thin, this case has luxurious padding to keep your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5 snug and secure, yet quickly accessible. No visible stitching keeps the case looking sleek and smooth. Has a low-profile pocket for ear buds or credit cards. Choose from the six colors with eco-friendly distressed leather trim.


  • Multi-layered padding includes a high-impact, rigid insert for maximum protection and an Ultrasuede® scratch-free liner
  • Size & Dimensions:
    • for iPhone 5s/5c/5 naked
    • for iPhone 5s/5c/5 in Apple case (sold separately)

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Hi Gary,

It's been about a year since I purchased this iphone case but I wanted to follow up. In short, it has served me terrifically this whole time. I've found the pouch to be extremely useful especially on travel when I can use it as a mini wallet to hold my hotel keycards and cash. The inner lining is still holding up, and even though I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 it still cleans the surface well despite the new phone's smaller thickness.

And I continue to get compliments on the case and am asked where I got it from, at which time I point them to your website.

I hope business is well. A friend informed me that he saw an article in a photography magazine where your bags and cases were positively mentioned, so sounds like things are going good. =)

Thanks again!


More than a year ago, I bought one of your iPhone smartcases with the velcro flaps that wrap around a purse strap. Usually it doesn't take long for a case I use to show wear or start getting loose or otherwise fail. Your case has been an exception. I can still (let's face it) slam my iPhone in on the run and have it fit snugly and safely. With two very minor rubs on the corners, the rest of the case continues to look terrific. Even now, I get both compliments and questions about where did you get that?

This is not the only product I've bought from you but it's certainly the one that's gotten the most use. Am very impressed and recommend your products and service highly.

Ann L.

Hey Gary,

i just received my iPhone 4 case and wanted to say firstly thanks for making a case that allows fitment for the bumper and secondly thanks for doing a really nice job of it. Nicely textured matierials and tasteful design for a fair price. Keep it up.



The iPhone Smart Case (black/clip) arrived, and it's perfect for my needs. Thoughtful design (especially the removeable clip) and meticulous construction. Clips to pants as well as just inside the flap of my messenger bag. Best of all, it works with my Case-Mate Barely There cover, so my new iPhone 4 is protected both in use and on the go.

Finally, I appreciate the prompt, courteous communication from the folks there about shipping dates/options.

Will spread the word: WaterField is the best.


Dear Gary,

I just want to let you know that my iPhone 3G Smart Case arrived today. I am a first-time customer with SFbags and I am more than happy about it.

First of all, the shipment was EXTREMELY fast. My order was placed exactly one week ago and I'm not even living in the US. It was definitely a surprised when the parcel comes in this morning.

The case is a beauty. It is clean, simple yet effective. The moment I placed my iPhone in the case, I know it's well protected: it snugged the phone very well; the grips on the side of the case makes it so easy to take the phone out; the little pocket I've ordered extra was also nicely constructed with very high quality material. Not to mentioned the little tip you placed along with the order about which side to face up when placing in the phone. The whole package really demonstrated that every process, from designing to packaging to shipping, was well thought-out and nicely executed.

I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and shopping again with SFbags!

Humphrey Tam
Vancouver, Canada


I have gone through 6 cases in the month that i've owned the iPhone and I'm glad I finally found a keeper. The fit and finish is absolutely unbelievable.

Every one of my friends who owns an iPhone has been searching for that 'perfect' case. I can tell them to stop looking.

Thanks again,


Just thought I'd let you know I'm loving the iPhone Smart Case (silver) and the large iPhone travel case (green). Built well, works well (the belt clip rocks), and they look (as usual) great.

Now I have to buy some more iPhone gear to fill my travel case with. :)

Keep up the great work,

Mark Taber

Hey Gary,

Just a quick thank you for another awesome product. I looked at the iphone cases at the Apple store and none of them really did it for me. As usual I surfed on over to the sfbags site and voila! The iPhone Smart case is just what I was searching for.

Rest assured you have a customer for life. The sleeve case I bought 2+ years ago looks brand new yet has travelled the world pretty much non-stop. It is now my main briefcase with the addition of the clip on piggyback.

The sleeve case you customized, with purple leather, for my wife has been to China, Italy, Brazil and D.C. in it's short life. She gets comments on that case wherever she goes, even the office!

I'll be in Germany & the UK next week then on to L.A. Thanks for great products that stand up to daily use and abuse.

You guys rock!



I just wanted to let you know that I received my package from you guys yesterday. I couldn't be HAPPIER!! I have FINALLY found a case (after purchasing 4 others) that actually covers the entire iPhone and looks great...yet understated. It's not flashy...it's not encrusted with diamonds and rubies....it just plain works! It protects my iPhone and is still slim enough to me to put in my shirt pocket....especially the small UltraSuede jacket!!

Now I wish I would have ordered the travel case to go with all of this!! You may see another purchase coming your way in the VERY near future!

Thanks again and I really do appreciate that an actual human being responded to me. That's great customer service!! ...and that's a rarity nowadays!


Chris Blow

Wow, I ordered this thing Friday evening and the Postman had it at my door Saturday before noon. I was blown away. This is a great little iPhone pouch, absolutely perfect for my needs. As I anticipated, the design and build quality are exceptional. Just wanted to say THANKS for a great product and the speedy delivery. I'll continue to shop with you as my needs evolve and I'll be happy to recommend your products and company to my friends and colleagues.

Not sure how I originally heard of WaterField Designs, but I bought a sleeve for my new MacBook Pro about a year and a half ago and have been very pleased with it. So when I was looking for an iPhone case, I looked you up again.

Best regards,

Jeff Bowers

I've been using the iPhone Smart Case with the bag strap - great case! My bag gets pretty roughly treated, but the iPhone has stayed safe and snug inside the case, even when the case is upside down! Its sleek and unobtrusive lines also means I am not self-conscious about having a strange lump on my bag strap - the case blends in very well. A+!

Take care,


Hi Gary,

Just wanted to drop you a line about how my Flap iPhone Smart Case is working out. In one word: Great!

I have attached it to my daily use cross strap bag and it has been exactly the case I needed. I like that the grip material on the strap holder keeps it in place while allowing me to shift it up or down as needed. The case itself is nice and slim, being only a tiny bit wider than the iPhone itself. The padding is nice and solid and the silver/grey looks great. At first I was worried about the lack of a retention tab or flap; fortunately the soft inner material holds my iPhone firmly enough that I don't have to worry about my iPhone falling out even when I take off at a sprint.

The case is as close to perfect as I've ever had for any of my cellphones.



Daniel Lee

After 3 weeks of use, I am very satisfied with your padded iPhone Smart Case with clip! To summarize: convenient, functional, and protective. I particularly appreciate the thoughtful design of the clip.

As an engineer, I recognize a good design when I see it. Your design allows me convenient access to my iPhone without concern for its safety. Thank you for the excellent design and uncompromising craftsmanship!

Michael Nimmons

Well..I am a long time customer (and always will be) but I have to admit that when I ordered the Smart Case for my iPhone I did not have huge expectations. I thought it would be a little thick and bulky.

Well you surprised me once again, I LOVE this case. It really protects the phone without adding hardly any bulk and it has a super classy low profile style that exudes quality. The phone is easy to get in and out of the case but there is no way that it will slip out. Very happy with the case. By the way, as a 'throw in' I bought the slip case as well and I like that one too, but the Smart Case will be my 'daily driver.'


The Gadgeteer

WaterField iPhone Smart Case Review

The Gadgeteer

"So while I can – and do – drop my iPhone while in its shell case, when it has the added protection of the Smart Case, I can actually toss it across a room if I feel like it. Really."

"The style matches perfectly with other WaterField bags and pouches. The quality of workmanship – like their other products – is very good."



"Right out of the box you can almost smell the quality of this case, like a new car the leather begs to be touched. This case may look like a simple pouch but once you look a little closer you can this is no simple case."

"The inside boasts an Ultrasuede® scratch-free liner that is not only super soft to the touch but it will clean your screen and back glass off every time you pull the case out. This easily helps to get rid of some of the fingerprints on your phone screen."

"Another cool feature of this smart case is the low-profile pocket that can hold your ear buds or credit cards, it's made of very high quality looking material and is elastic at the top to help secure your items."

"What impressed me most with the style is there is no visible stitching, in turn, the case looks very sleek and smooth all the way around."

"...highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a unique, stylish, durable American made case."


WaterField Designs iPhone Smart Case Review


"If you have been looking for an iPhone case/sleeve that goes further than just offering style and protection, the iPhone Smart Case by WaterField Designs accomplishes the feat of adding functionality to a sleeve."

"The sides of the case are a soft brown distressed leather, which makes gripping the case comfortable..."

"[T]he Smart Case features a strong padding, making it firm and durable."

"The pocket is really a nice addition, providing you with the ability to add extra functionality to your iPhone or forgo a wallet."

"It is apparent through the company's products, site, and customer interaction that they genuinely care about putting out a quality product and keeping customers satisfied."

"The WaterField Designs iPhone Smart Case is true to its name: smart, thanks to its design, which encompasses just about everything you could want out of an iPhone sleeve and possibly more."

Oh Gizmo!

Oh Gizmo!

"[T]he Smart Case is definitely the one to go for if you're looking for any kind of protection for the phone."

"[T]he Smart Case has a clean and simple design."

"Like with everything else WaterField Designs makes the finish on the Smart Case is impeccable and the only place you'll find a trace of stitching is a seam across the bottom that's finished in such a way that most people will never notice it."

"[T]he inside of the case is lined with scratch-free Ultra-suede that will not only keep your iPhone safe from scratches but will also serve to polish off fingerprints every time it's inserted or removed."

  • Well made with high-quality materials and minimal visible stitching.
  • Ultra-suede lining will not only protect the iPhone from scratches but can also serve to clean off fingerprints.
  • Extra padding will protect your phone against the occasional bump.
  • No logos or branding anywhere on the case.
  • Reasonably priced.

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