MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve

  • MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve
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    MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve diagram
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    Horizontal MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve
  • MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve
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  • MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve
$25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $29.00 $33.00 $33.00 $33.00 $33.00 This thin Suede Jacket Sleeve prevents scratches on your MacBook. Snug fit with Ultrasuede® stretch memory. Bottom has neoprene for additional protection.
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It doesn't get any thinner than this! This Suede Jacket Sleeve prevents scratches and dings on your new 12-inch MacBook. Custom-sizing + stretch memory of the Ultrasuede® ensures a snug fit. The bottom has additional neoprene for additional protection. A finger loop on the sides lets you easily slip out the MacBook. Can slip this into a briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack for protection against daily use.


  • Glove-fitting sizes for:
    • 11" MacBook Air: 1.5 oz.
    • 12" MacBook Retina:
    • 13" MacBook Air: 2 oz.
    • 13" MacBook Pro: 2 oz.
    • 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display: 2.1 oz.
    • 15" MacBook Pro: 2.5 oz.
    • 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display: 2.5 oz.
  • Shipping option (to U.S. only):
    • Qualifies for First Class Mail $2.00

I received my order from you today for yet another excellent product from WaterField Designs. This time I ordered the Suede Sleeve for my new MacBook. Such a simple design, yet it looks so elegant and is exactly what I wanted in a sleeve! Thank you again for offering well made products and excellent service. I would love to order a new laptop bag as well, but the one I ordered several years ago looks brand new...


Sharon Bors

Got the sleeve in a timely manner. It's incredibly well crafted. Even though its probably the most basic thing you guys make, the quality I'm used to shines through. The padding on the bottom is perfect, and the sleeve fits like a glove. Its definitely the envy of my coworkers. My wife wants a pink one. Is there any hope? Thanks Gary and crew.

Jason Schwartz

I so appreciate your reply to my order. Every time I have ordered something from your company, I have received a reply that has always felt very personal. Your replies make me think, "Boy, what a nice group of people work there. It is so different from any other company I have ever dealt with." Consequently, whenever I need a bag, etc. I visit your web site and invariably find exactly what I am looking for. Your quality is superior in all aspects, from product to customer service. Thank you for making shopping such a nice experience. If I lived near your company and needed a job, I would certainly visit you!


Dear WD

This is my first time dealing with Waterfield Designs and I did not know what to expect. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the quality and design of my new iPhone Suede Jacket.

In addition your customer service, great product, and delivery exceeded my expectations. I am recommending you to all of my friends and I look forward to shopping with you in the future. What a wonderful company to do business with!

Thank you!


Holy crap!

I received my order today. I am extraordinarily impressed with the quality exhibited in everything! I have been called insane for spending money on the things I do, but I always try to find the best I can afford. I truly believe that everything I got will last longer than any other type of bag/case I have ever before purchased! The attention to detail is outstanding. The materials are amazing. Everything fits perfectly and is completely functional and comfortable. Thank you for taking the time to design and produce a system of carrying all my stuff that is nicer than most of the stuff I carry!

An EXTREMELY satisfied customer, who has probably already convinced another person or three to order more of your products,

P.S. I just acquired a PSP, so I shall be ordering another pouch or two in the future. =)

Matt Mather

Gadget Mac

Review: WaterField Designs Suede Jacket Sleeve for Macbook Air

Gadget Mac

"Waterfield Designs offers a super thin solution for Air owners who want to retain the minimal and sleek look."

"The sleeve has fine stitching that is tight and and clean."

"If you want minimal thickness but quality construction at the same time, this is the case for you"


Gear Diary

Review: MacBook Air Case – WaterField's Suede Jacket Sleeve for 11" and 13" MacBook Air

Gear Diary

"Small, thin, light but speedy."

" An embedded layer of neoprene inside the bottom of the case protects your laptop where it needs it most when you set it down."

"Thoughtfully designed; Well constructed; Priced reasonably for such a high-quality product."

Restless Tech

Review: WaterField Suede Jacket Sleeve Review

Restless Tech

"A soft, perfectly sized envelope of suede is configured specifically for your MacBook or MacBook Air."

"A soft, elegant sleeve to keep your MacBook clean and scratch free."

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