Suspension Shoulder Strap
Suspension Shoulder Strap
1" Suspension Strap
1" Suspension Strap
Suspension strap on SleeveCase
Suspension strap on SleeveCase
Non-slip underside
Non-slip underside

Suspension Shoulder Strap

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The Suspension Shoulder Strap. The Suspension Shoulder Strap comes with its own built-in non-slip Padded Shoulder Pad. Convert your SleeveCase to a stand-alone bag 

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.

    - Nylon webbing and metal hardware
    -available in black or brown webbing
    -Non-Slip underside material

    -Length adjustable to 54"

We have two different width sizes of the Suspension Strap for the different types of bags you would like to attach them to:

  • The 1.0" Suspension Strap:
    - Use with the SleeveCase or Travel Express.
    - Works best with lighter loads
    - The padded non-slip shoulder pad keeps the strap from slipping off
    - Also works with any other bag or case with D-rings attached

  • 1.5" Suspension Strap:
    - This is included with our Mac Pro Go Case
    - Works best with bags or cases carrying heavier loads
    - The padded non-slip shoulder pad keeps the strap from slipping off
    - Also works with other bags or cases with D-rings attached

What is the difference between a Simple Strap and a Suspensions Strap

The Simple Strap is all nylon, no shoulder pad included. The Suspension Strap has its own built-in shoulder pad which has a soft grippy underside that stays on your shoulder.

Can I use your Straps with a third party bag or case?

No problem. So long as bag or case has hardware for the strap to attache, it will work.

Can I use your Shoulder Pads with a third party strap?

Yes. The Shoulder Pads can be used with any strap 1.5" - 2".

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