Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase

  • Ultimate Table SleeveCase
    Ultimate Table SleeveCase
  • Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase
  • Tablet SleeveCase
    Tablet SleeveCase
  • Strap option
    Strap option
  • Tablet SleeveCase with Grizzly Leather
    Tablet SleeveCase with Grizzly Leather
  • Tablet SleeveCase accent options
    Tablet SleeveCase accent options
  • Tablet SleeveCase
    Tablet SleeveCase
  • Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase
  • Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase
  • Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase
  • Tablet SleeveCase under flap
    Tablet SleeveCase under flap
  • Tablet SleeveCase rear pocket
    Tablet SleeveCase rear pocket
$59 $64 $71 $81 $65 $70 $77 $87 $59 $59 $59 $64 $64 $64 $71 $71 $71 $81 $81 $81 $65 $65 $65 $70 $70 $70 $77 $77 $77 $87 $87 $87 $59 $64 $71 $81 $65 $70 $77 $87 $59 $64 $71 $81 $65 $70 $77 $87 $59 $64 $71 $81 $65 $70 $77 $87 $59 $64 $71 $81 $65 $70 $77 $87 Custom-fitted. Cushioned neoprene, ballistic case to keep your Tablet out of trouble. Available in two trims with optional strap and pouch. Get it now.
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Safeguard your tablet. This glove-fitting SleeveCase cushioned in high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a nearly indestructible ballistic nylon shell provides the ultimate protection. Has impact-resistant screen protecting insert and a scratch-free, screen cleaning Ultrasuede® lining. Can be inserted into another bag, or used as a stylish stand-alone case.

Please contact HeyGary@SFbags.com if you don't see your tablet on the ordering menu.


  • TSA Checkpoint-friendly (tablet can stay in the case when going through airport security)
  • Custom-fitted sizes for:
    • Google Nexus 9
    • Galaxy Note 10.1
    • Yoga Tablet 2 Pro
    • Sony Xperia Z3 8"
    • Kindle Fire HDX
    • Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, Fire HDX
    • Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro
    • Microsoft Suface Pro 2 (with or without Microsoft Surface covers)
  • Black nylon ballistic case with color trim:
    - Lead Indium
    - Brown Leather
  • Optional:
    • D-rings for hanging a strap
    • Simple Strap Mini
    • Suspension Strap Mini


Lead Indium

Lead Indium

Brown Leather

Brown Leather

Thanks Gary!! I cannot express how much I have enjoyed the customer service I have received and product (Ultimate SleeveCase- -Tablet Size 44-29) that I have ordered. I was a bit unsure with ordering online and not physically examining the product before I made my purchase, but I must say it has well over exceeded my expectations and I am thoroughly enjoying my product! Thank you once again for the amazing customer service I really do appreciate the little things!!


Hi Gary!

Our package just arrived this afternoon! Thank you! The case is awesome! I can't wait to put our Samsung tablet in it! Keep up the fantastic service and quality products!

Best Regards,


On my way through O'Hare Int'l airport in August, an agent told me that as long as there wasn't anything else in the SleeveCase but my laptop, I could just pull the SleeveCase out of my larger bag and send it through the scanner. (i.e., without having to completely extract the laptop.)



I have to tell you an interesting story.

My waterfield sleeve case arrived today in the mail. I was out of the house running some errands when the package came. unfortunately my 5 month old australian shepherd puppy was in the yard.

i was greeted by an excited dog and shredded package everywhere! On the muddy grass was my waterfield case partially inside out. I dusted it off and it was fine. other than being slightly muddy, it was bombproof. Thanks for making a solid product.

Seattle, WA

The sleeve arrived today, and I've already received 2 compliments about it. I must admit I am feeling pretty satisfied with myself for making the correct choice. I did a lot of research before deciding on Waterfield, but the small element of doubt that remained was completely gone once I had it in my hands.The quality is obvious, it fits perfectly, is very comfortable, and there's no way I could improve on your design. The material is very nice too. All in all, I know where to go and whom to recomend now.

Thank you


Hi Folks,

To my pleasant surprise, my WaterField sleeve case arrived today in perfect condition. It meets all of my expectations and is worth all my research time and effort. Terrific quality and very nicely padded with neoprene. Smooth, uneventful transaction - the best kind... I have greatly enjoyed doing business with you and will not hesitate to recommend you to my family, friends, and any interested party.


Ellen and Roger

SciTech09: iPad Ultimate SleeveCase Review (4/4/10)


2012 Golden Case Awards Winner - Best Tablet Sleeve

Review: WaterField Designs Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase

Tablet2Cases - Jan. 8, 2013, Dec. 11, 2011

"The Sleeve Case provides superb all-around protection"


Review: Waterfield iPad Ultimate SleeveCase

Review: Waterfield iPad Ultimate SleeveCase

ZDNet.com | The Apple Core - Apr. 7, 2010

"The Ultimate is a great little sleeve that protects the iPad either on its own, or when tucked inside a larger backpack or messenger bag. WaterField Designs has posted product videos for all of its new iPad cases."

Waterfield Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad and iPad Suede Jacket Reviews

Waterfield Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad and iPad Suede Jacket Reviews

Gear Diary - Apr. 16, 2010

"The material is heavy duty and top quality. The construction is perfect (and I do not use that word lightly)."

"micro-suede interior is great with such a fingerprint prone device"