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Shoulder Pad
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Strap Accessories

Strap one on. A good strap can be the difference between bliss and a backache.

Convert your case to a stand-alone bag with one of WaterField Designs super-durable strap options. For ultra-ergonomic comfort, opt for the large or small Suspension Shoulder Strap. Nylon webbing in 1.5 or 1 inch width with a built-in shoulder pad and a soft grippy underside stays put on your shoulder, thus reducing strain on your neck, shoulder and back. Less fancy, but just as rugged, is our adjustable Simple Strap in 1.5 or 1 inch nylon webbing. Both strap types hook to your D-rings with durable, black metal hardware.

Already have a strap but just need the Shoulder Pad? This comfortable one can be used on any shoulder strap up to 2 inches wide. The soft, grippy underside stays on your shoulder. Attach it with hidden velcro and you can slide it up or down your strap to the perfect spot.

Strap yourself in. It's going to be a wild ride.

Shoulder Straps available in four sizes:
- 1.5" Full Suspension Strap (4oz.): $22
- 1" Mini Suspension Strap (3oz.): $22
- 1.5" Simple Strap (3oz.): $12
- 1" Mini Simple Strap (2oz.): $12

Straps range from 50"–54".

Shoulder Pad available in one size:
- Shoulder Pad: 8.5" x 2.2" (1oz.): $13

Special shipping option:
First Class Mail $2 for Shoulder Straps and Shoulder Pad

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Shoulder Straps
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From: Yann Giraudet <>
To: Gary <>
Subject: Thank You

Dear Gary,

I have received the Keyboard SleeveCase this morning and I couldn't help writing you to tell you how satisfied I am!

My Powerbook follows me quite everywhere, and I'm glad I won't have to take my Apple wireless keyboard without protection anymore. The keyboard slides in so easily in the case that it now only takes me a few seconds to pack up and go.

Thank you for making my life easier, and congratulations to all the team for coming up with such great products!

Best Regards,


From: Glenn Sakamoto <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: iPhone Jacket

Dear WD

This is my first time dealing with Waterfield Designs and I did not know what to expect. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the quality and design of my new iPhone Suede Jacket.

In addition your customer service, great product, and delivery exceeded my expectations. I am recommending you to all of my friends and I look forward to shopping with you in the future. What a wonderful company to do business with!

Thank you!


From: "Carl" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: On the way....

Dear Gary,
As usual, your company continues to provide exemplary customer service. You keep your customers updated if items they've ordered are out of stock and then again when new stock has been received. You even make sure the customer still is interested in the original order. I do most of my purchasing on-line and WaterField Designs honestly has, by far, the best customer service of any and also provides an elegant, well-made product. I wish all companies and businesses were as caring and customer-oriented as WaterField.

Dr. Carl

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