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$19.00 $19.00 $19.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 Keep cables, adaptors, zip-drives or travel documents organized in one pouch. Three different sizes. Made of durable ballistic nylon with eye-catching Indium.
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Stow away cables, adaptors, zip-drives or travel documents. Three different sizes to keep you organized. Made of durable ballistic nylon with eye-catching Indium trim to protect your belongings. A self-locking zipper keeps everything in place.


Size & Dimensions

  • Small: 6.7” x 4.2”, 3 oz.
  • Medium: 9.7" x 5.2", 4 oz.
  • Large: 11.5” x 6”, 5 oz.








Over the past years, I’ve owned several Waterfield Designs Cargo bags, a Gear Pouch and a Cableguy, and I can’t imagine using any products but yours.

As an IT professional who needs to keep a lot of stuff handy and organized, your products are just perfect.

Pulling out a Cableguy or Gearpouch full of adapters or cables makes a nice statement about being organized and functional.

At least one of my Cargo bags is always with me, and it always seems that when I need something, I can find it in seconds.


I just want to write a note that your bags are fantastic.

I ordered a whole variety of the pouches and 3 computer sleeves (2 for laptops and 1 to fit the Mac Mini or LaCie drive).

I do IT support and they've let me stay organized and arrive with what I need. I just grab the color-coded pouches that I need, toss them into my monstrous messenger bag and I'm off. I know I've got what I need and that although I might be carrying a lot of things I'll maintain my organized appearance at the client's site -- So organized in fact that at least 2 people have asked me for your website address after seeing how great your bags are. I know that one of them is walking around with a Cozmo bag today.

The bags are very durable. I've been using these nearly every day for more than a year. The Velcro has lasted, the ballistic nylon hasn't pilled, the zippers work great. Basically, because it's so well made everything looks like it did when it was new.

So... Thank you for making such a great product!



Gary -

My bag and gear pouhces arrived yesterday. They are fantastic, cool, durable, clever, and good looking! You have made wonderful producst and I can't wait to hit the road and show it off to anyone who will listen to me.

Your personal help was most appreciated. I wish you the very best success in your business adventure. You have a fabulous product.

North Carolina

So I'm thinking, well, I'll get this sometime early next week - but no, it shows up on my doorstep TODAY. Less than 24 hours later.

The bag itself is perfect. Incredibly well made, perfectly sized. I mean, the seams of the Gear Pouch are finished on the inside, for crying out loud! It exceeds every expectation.

Thanks again,


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