Apple TV Case

  • Apple TV Case
  • Apple TV Case with cables
    Apple TV Case with cables
  • Apple TV Case main compartment
    Apple TV Case main compartment
  • Apple TV Case side view
    Apple TV Case side view
  • Apple TV Case YKK zipper
    Apple TV Case YKK zipper
  • Apple TV Case front/back
    Apple TV Case front/back
  • Apple TV Case color options
    Apple TV Case color options
  • Silver Flash
    Silver Flash
  • Tangerine
$45.00 $45.00 The Apple TV Case has a cushy, scratch-free interior with 4 pockets: one specifically for the Apple TV device, the others for HDMI cable, power, and remote.
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Take your Apple TV with you. Take the Apple TV along with this streamlined, protective Apple TV Case. The cushy, scratch-free interior is divided into 4 pockets: one specifically sized to cradle the Apple TV device, the others hold an HDMI cable, power cord, and the remote control. The case lies flat and remains light even when fully packed.



  • Designed specifically for the Apple TV
  • One size: 10" x5.75" x 1", 3.5 oz.
  • Self-locking YKK zippers to keep contents from falling out
  • Made of textured material in colors:
    • Tangerine
    • Silver Flash






Hi Alice.

I just wanted to let you (and Ovava) know that I received my Apple TV case today and I love it. It was everything I wanted and more and will certainly coming handy when I go traveling next month. I especially love all the padding, dedicated pockets, the cool exterior material and the locking zipper. I wish I could justify traveling with two Apple TVs because I love the look of the orange one too.

One question. I saw that people left testimonials on your site but I couldn't find how to leave one myself. If it's not possible, I understand but it would be nice to let others know how wonderful the case is. I'd also like to let them know that the shopping experience was especially satisfying. Shipping couldn't have been faster.

Take care and have a great day!


Over the past years, I've owned several Waterfield Designs Cargo bags, a Gear Pouch and a Cableguy, and I can't imagine using any products but yours.

As an IT professional who needs to keep a lot of stuff handy and organized, your products are just perfect.

Pulling out a Cableguy or Gearpouch full of adapters or cables makes a nice statement about being organized and functional.

At least one of my Cargo bags is always with me, and it always seems that when I need something, I can find it in seconds.


Gary -

My bag and gear pouhces arrived yesterday. They are fantastic, cool, durable, clever, and good looking! You have made wonderful producst and I can't wait to hit the road and show it off to anyone who will listen to me.

Your personal help was most appreciated. I wish you the very best success in your business adventure. You have a fabulous product.

North Carolina


Review: WaterField Designs introduces Apple TV Case


"The Apple TV Case comes in your choice of Tangerine (orange) or Flash (silver)—perfect for Halloween or if your travels take you to Princeton University."

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