Staad Laptop BackPack

Staad Laptop BackPack in Waxed Canvas Staad Laptop BackPack in Black Ballistic The Staad Laptop BackPack by WaterField Designs Staad BackPack Size Comparison Staad BackPack Profile View Staad BackPack Rear View Slim Interior View with Gear Stout Interior View with Gear Close-up of Clasp Close-up of Main Compartment Interior Lining and Zipper Zippered Side Pocket Close-up of Zippered Side Pocket Waxed Canvas Body with Black Leather Flap & Accents Waxed Canvas Body with Chocolate Leather Flap & Accents Waxed Canvas Body with Grizzly Leather Flap & Accents Black Ballistic Body with Black Leather Flap & Accents Black Ballistic Body with Chocolate Leather Flap & Accents Black Ballistic Body with Grizzly Leather Flap & Accents
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Move on up. Upgrade from casual to a more formal work environment with the refined Staad Laptop BackPack. Tapered top creates a slim profile while maximizing capacity. Plushly-cushioned interior pockets for laptop and tablet keep main compartment organized. Swing to one side for quick access to keys or phone in angled, zippered side pockets. Choose from tan waxed-canvas or black ballistic and a choice of black, chocolate or grizzly premium leather for the striking flap and accents. Vintage WWII-era buckle is easy to use and ultra hip.

Made to order. Ships within 5 days.


Slim (#31) - fits up to 13" laptops:

  • 15.5 x 12 x 1.0-3.0 inches
  • 2.4 lbs.

Stout (#32) - fits up to 15" laptops:

  • 16 x 14.25 x 1.5-5.5 inches
  • 2.8 lbs.

Body Material - Waxed Canvas or Ballistic
Leather Flap - Black, Chocolate or Grizzly

Waxed Canvas Body
Waxed Canvas Body with Black Leather Flap & Accents
Black Leather Flap
Waxed Canvas Body with Chocolate Leather Flap & Accents
Chocolate Leather Flap
Waxed Canvas Body with Grizzly Leather Flap & Accents
Grizzly Leather Flap
Black Ballistic Body
Black Ballistic Body with Black Leather Flap & Accents
Black Leather Flap
Black Ballistic Body with Chocolate Leather Flap & Accents
Chocolate Leather Flap
Black Ballistic Body with Grizzly Leather Flap & Accents
Grizzly Leather Flap

From: Benny
Subject: Re: On the way....

Thank you!

I'll tell you exactly why I keep coming back. You have the best products hands down. They are beautiful, functional and last forever. They are pretty much indestructible! I have had two cargo bags that have lasted me for years and they look brand new after traveling the globe several times. Also, your customer serviced is impeccible.

I am not wealthy by any means, but that doesn't mean I don't mind paying premium for a premium product. If you ever need beta testers for any of your products, I would be more than happy to be a beta tester.

You guys are the best, can't wait to get my stuff!


From: David Linton
Subject: Re: On the way....

Just wanted to drop you a note after using the bag for the last couple weeks. I love it!

It is very probably the best laptop bag I have ever owned. Pockets are in the right places and are of the right size for the right stuff to fit. It fits well on my back and shoulders. Access to the interior is well thought out and last but not least it looks good with a suit or with jeans. Really like it.

Good work. Your company will be on my radar for any new products. Have a Happy Christmas!

David Linton

From: Sid Berg
Subject: Staad BackPack

Hey Gary

I just received my Staad backpack (stout) -- black ballistic with chocolate leather. I have owned my share of backpacks, but at last I have found the one that works the best for me. It has a superior design. It is extremely well made. Though I have a 13in computer, I chose the larger bag -- the stout. It provides a little more room to carry those few "extras".

The Staad is clearly worth the pricw. It should have a long lifetime and serve well. Gary -- it is as advertised and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great bag (for your computer, iPad, and the "extras") to use to and from the office, on a trip, or getting ready for a major presentation -- this is the bag for you. They do not get any better.

Sig Berg

From: Amy Johnson
Subject: Re: On the way....

Wow! Your company still manages to exceed my expectations, even after all the orders I have placed and know how awesome your customer service is!

My Staad arrived before I even bothered to start tracking it, and I could hardly wait for the work week to start so I could use it. But the week took a turn, and today I am on Jury Duty. I packed my Staad as my only bag - no purse or other carryall. And what a lovely opportunity to see the beauty of the Staad ... Carefully holds everything I might need today, but all in one place so that I can quickly get up when called to trudge to the next courtroom.

I was initially reluctant to order the Staad because it seemed to be for men, but the longer I looked, the less I could resist. I am already very familiar and reliant on other of your products to carry my daily technology, but was so happy to see the backpack, as my job is evolving into one where it would be more convenient to have my 'workstation' with me. This Staad will be perfect for that, and shines in functionality and design.

Thanks for knocking yet another one out of the park! Congratulations, and thank you for understanding your customers.

Amy Johnson

From: Jay G
Subject: Staad Stout Backpack is awesome!

Hey Gary,

Got my stout black/black Staad backpack today. Two words: it rocks. As expected it is very well designed & put together. You guys outdid yourselves.


Jay G
Sent from my iPad

From: Thomas B
Subject: Staad backpack

Hey Gary,

I just wanted to let you all know that after several days with the Slim Staad, the verdict is in and it's great!

LIke the Muzetto, the purpose is not to carry everything including the kitchen sink. The pack asks that you think about what you really need, but the payoff is that you are not overpacked and just perfectly equipped for day-to-day activities and travel. It's light, easy to manage and super-convenient, particularly since you don't need a sleeve for either the Mac or iPad.

To be sure, there are other situations where I do need to carry everything, but those are, literally, emergencies and that's not what the Staad is about. For 99% of my days however, this pack is dynamite! I'm liking it more and more every time I sling it over my shoulder. Come to think of it, my shoulder is liking it quite a bit as well!

Well done to you all!

Tom B

Staad slim Backpack (hands on): Taking the gear bag to a whole new level

“There are bags and then there are bags that blend style with function. The Staad Backpack from Waterfield Designs is one of the latter that feels as much at home in the boardroom as it does on the street.”

Contributor's rating: 9.5 out of 10

WaterField Designs Staad Stout review: High quality, comfort, and functionality are worth the price

“WaterField Designs make some of the finest mobile tech bags in the US and one of their latest models is the fantastic Staad BackPack. The Stout model is worth the $329 price and earns my highest praise.”

Contributor's rating: 9.5 out of 10

WaterField Designs Staad Backpack the Best Computer Bag I’ve Ever Used

“The WaterField Designs Staad Backpack looks great, but the company’s pictures and videos don’t do it justice. It’s the most attractive, comfortable and well designed computer I’ve used, beating out all the computer bags, backpacks and cases tested over the years.”

Waterfield Designs' Staad review: A beautifully practical bag

“It’s not inexpensive but in this case you get what you pay for—a domestically made backpack that’s as beautiful as it is practical.”

TechHive Rating: 4.5/5

Waterfield Designs Staad Backpack review

“It's easy to find a laptop-carrying backpack these days; everyone and their brother makes one. It's a different story to find one that looks this good, dresses up nice, and is this well-made. Admittedly, you pay for that quality of construction and appearance. But if you're looking for a laptop backpack that looks as good in the boardroom as it does on the subway, the Staad fits the bill.”

WaterField Designs Staad backpack review

“Waterfield’s Staad BackPack is a winner, offering customers an excellent design, high quality materials, the perfect size(s) and yet another product designed/manufactured right here in the United States.”

AppleTell Rating: 5/5

Waterfield Designs Staad BackPack carries your gear, looks awesome doing it

“If you want the hands-free convenience of a backpack, but want something that will be at home in the executive suite, then pull out your wallet and buy the Waterfield Designs Staad BackPack.”

Waterfield’s Staad Slim Backpack Is Impeccably Designed And Here For The Long Haul [Review]

“If budget isn’t an issue, the Staad backpack is a solid addition to anyone’s tech kit. The heavy construction and custom-designed fittings seem like artifacts from an earlier, less obsolescent era while the more modern options promise a long, productive, useful lifespan. ”

Cult of Mac rating of Excellent

The New Staad Laptop BackPack Is Perfect For The Techie In Your Life

“How Does it Stack Up? I haven’t found a bag this nice to look at, which also offers this level of protection.”

Aesthetic Appeal: ★★★★★  Wow Factor: ★★★★★  Build Quality: ★★★★★  Value: ★★★★☆

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