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iPod Gear Pouch
1000s of songs… and the rest. No more scrambling around to find all your iPod gear. An assortment of padded compartments keeps your iPod – no matter what size or style –and iPod accessories secure and tangle free. These Gear Pouches lie flat when full, and can easily be stowed in a backpack, bag, or briefcase. Made of ballistic nylon with soft interior lining and self-locking zippers. Two sizes lets you creatively pack your gear.
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Available in two sizes:

Small iPod Gear Pouch $29 / Fits all size iPods, earbuds, Firewire/USB cable, and power supply or arm band. New size! 6.5" x 3.0" x 1.0", 2oz.

Large iPod Gear Pouch $39 / Fits the same accessories as the Small, plus enough room for other accessories, like a car stereo adapter, FM transmitter, extra battery, etc. 10" x 5.3" x 1.0”, 3oz.

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Testimonials More of what our customers are saying

From: Jeff Krupar<>
To: WaterField Designs <>
Subject: Re: On the way....


I received my iPod Gear Bag over the weekend and totaly LOVE it. It is exactly what I needed to hold my ipod accessories, looks great, and still affords me additional room for future accessory purchases. In addition, it is compact enough to travel with so it will not take up a lot of space.

Your customer service, kindness, quality of product, and personal emails have only added to wonderful experience. Because of this, you have found a new customer, and a new advertising agent for your company. I certainly will pass the word along to my friends and colleagues and STRONGLY suggest that they check out your website before considering doing business with another. Please feel free to use me as a reference should you need to.

You guys should ereally take your business ethics and customer service policies on the road! There are many major companies who have left customer service to the curb and really do not care about the customer.

Again, a sincere THANK YOU for all you have done for me.

Jeff Krupar

From: "Donna" <>
To: "WaterField Designs" <>
Subject: Re: On the way....


OK...I read the reviews...thought maybe people were just talking...I mean really, how much can you say about a silly bag, anyway!?!!? Well, I am WAY WAY impressed! This is the perfect ipod bag! The pockets are the best and the material inside the bag is FABULOUS!!!! I am so glad I chose to take the "risk" and order from you! The bag stands alone as a wonderful product, but your "personal touch" and superior customer service makes the bag that much better! I can certainly see how easy it would be to just go on and on and on and......

Well, I think you get the picture! Thank you again! I will be telling lots of people about your wonderful company and product. I am sur I will be ordering from you again real soon as well!

Take Care!

From: Eric <>
To: WaterField Designs <>
Subject: Re: On the way...

Great bag! The small iPod gear pouch hold my iPod Classic in a leather sleeve, a Griffin charger block, two cables, earbuds , a 12" patch cord, and a mini-phone to RCA stereo patch splitter cord.

It looks terrific, is smartly designed and well made. It slips nicely into a back pack or book bag and will travel with me on the plane to DFW this afternoon.

Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great bag.

Eric Fleetwood

From: Matthew K <>
To: WaterField Designs <>
Subject: Re: On the way...


Ipod Gear pouch arrived on Friday (that was quick!). I have to say, the quality of the Gear Pouch blew me away; the pictures on-line didn't do it justice. Based on this purchase, I think I've found my next laptop bag. I'm saving my pennies for the Cargo Bag to match...


From: Geoffrey Parker <>
To: WaterField Designs <>
Subject: Re: On the way...(2)


Just received my package. As if your fast, personal service wasn't enough .... I can't begin to describe how thoroughly pleased I am with your products; design, materials, and workmanship are all clearly superior. Maybe I shouldn't say so, but the quality makes your prices seem like nothing less than screaming bargains.

Great job!

Geoff Parker

To: WaterField Designs <>
Subject: Re: On the way...


i received my ipod gear pouch on wednesday, and all i can say is WOW!!!!

i LOVE the bag, it is made extremely well, and looks really nice. the craftsmanship on it is amazing.

thanks for the wonderful, great, awesome, cool bag! it is nice to deal with a company that puts out quality merchandise, is responsive to the customer, and stands behind their product!


PS: i am a regular visitor to the blog "PALMADDICTS" and will be passing on a recommendation to others about your bags. i am just THAT happy about it!!!

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