PS Vita CitySlicker
PS Vita CitySlicker
PS Vita CitySlicker:
  • PS Vita CitySlicker Pockets
  • PS Vita CitySlicker Interior
  • PS Vita CitySlicker Back Pocket
  • PS Vita CitySlicker
  • PS Vita CitySlicker
  • PS Vita CitySlicker
  • PS Vita CitySlicker
  • PS Vita CitySlicker
PS Vita Suede Jacket:
  • Suede Jacket
  • Suede Jacket
PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro & Available Colors:
  • PS Vita Gear Pouch
  • PS Vita Gear Pouch
  • PS Vita Gear Pouch
  • PS Vita Gear Pouch
  • Tangerine
  • Flash
  • Green

PS Vita Cases

Work Hard, Play Hard. Serious gamers need swanky and sophisticated protection for their WiFi-enabled Sony PlayStation®Vita.

The slim PS Vita CitySlicker is constructed from ballistic nylon with a double-layer, leather flap and a scratch-free, interior liner. A stretchable, self-locking zippered pocket on the back of the case holds your memory cards and your in-ear, audio headset. For the flap exterior, choose between our Black, Brown, Camel, Kiwi, or Orange naturally-tanned leather.

The PS Vita Suede Jacket is a minimalist, scratch-free case made from soft, washable Ultrasuede® that protects the PS Vita from nicks and bumps. You can also use it to clean your screen.

The PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro is a sleek and uniquely-fashioned nylon case available in green, tangerine (orange) or silver textured, environmentally-friendly, metalic material, each with a bold stripe. Soft, lightly-padded, interior pockets hold the PS Vita, the cord and USB cable, and the charger. Self-locking zippers keep contents secure. Compact and light, the PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro makes taking entertainment on the road effortless and cool.

Pack it up and get your game on!

Three Case Options:
- PS Vita CitySlicker: $49 / 8" x 4" x 1" - 4 oz
- PS Vita Suede Jacket: $12–$15 / 1 oz
- PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro: $45 / 8.5" x 5.5" x 1" - 3 oz

Order your case now
A. PS Vita CitySlicker - $49

B. PS Vita Suede Jacket - $12-$15

B. PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro - $45




From: Curtis
Subject: Re: The Taxman Cometh and Go-eth

When I purchased your case for my Playstation Vita I was just so impressed with the design, quality, and attention to detail that goes into your work that you had earned my business for any electronics case, gear, and bags that I'll be needing. After getting my tax return and paying off bills, for my "splurge item" I ordered the Medium Cargo with Gray Leather. It will surely simplify so many things for me, and will likely bear witness to some great adventures in the coming years. I'm very excited, and I'm also proud to be able to buy something made in America with love that clearly shows everything that you make. A friend has the Muzetto and, as with my Vita case, every stitch is perfect. These clearly do not roll off of an assembly line.

Anyway, thanks for the care you put into them. You make something that I'm confident that I can & will own for the rest of my life, and I can't think of any other company out there that gives me that feeling.

From: David W.
Subject: Re: On the way.....

Hey Gary,

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I've had the City Slicker formy Vita for several weeks now. I like the sturdy, solid design of it. There was definitely a lot of care put into the process of making this case. Definitely worth every dollar put into it. I thank you for creating such a fine piece of gear.


From: Christopher Bowns
Subject: Re: Almost perfect and the best I've seen PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro


Just a quick comment. I recently received the PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro and the PS Vita Sleeve Jacket with pocket. I love them both. I have tried 3 other cases for my vita before trying your product. Gear Pouch Pro is almost the one perfect case if you need something that would carry all the essentials. I am having trouble fitting the bulky game card cases in the pouch along with the power supply, cables and headphones. I wish it had the pockets for games and memory like the PS Vita CitySlicker. I would pay extra for them.

-Christopher Bowns

From: Devin Clark
Subject: Re: On the way.....

Dear Gary,

I'm not sure if any one reads these replies but I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome case. It fits my PS Vita perfect and was exactly what I was looking for; a nice, well made sleeve cover. Your company is a dream come true for all my electronics. I will be buying an iPad soon and as soon as I do, I will be getting a sleeve for it. You guys are my new go to case guys, keep up the awesome work.

Thanks again.


From: Tina Yang
Subject: Re: On the way.....


I just got my PS Vita CitySlicker and I just wanted to tell you that I was absolutely blown away by the quality. It looks even better in person than on your website! Everything about the case screams quality and class. I especially love the padding on the back of the case, between the compartment where the Vita would sit and the zippered slot. It felt like a great touch for when the case might get tossed around. It's just a really great, solid case. Also, I did want to let you know that I found the case through a review, I believe from Kotaku. This was quite a few months back, but your design really stood out. I was a bit hesitant because of the price as I've never paid quite so much for an accessory, but it was well worth the price. Thanks again!

From: Stephen Lally
Subject: Re: On the way.....

I received my PS Vita brown/black case today and I must way, WOW. It looks and feels exactly like I imagined it would! I was debating between the orange and the brown/black design but I am extremely glad I went with the brown. The brown distressed leather makes it look like a real leather case and it really is a head turner. As soon as I opened the packaging I could smell the leather and after inspection, this is some of the best craftsmanship you could find for a game case. Thanks again, I will definitely recommend this case to other Vita owners and you also found a customer for life. As soon as I buy my new laptop I know exactly where to go for my futures cases. Thanks Gary/Ovava!

From: Ted
Subject: Re: On the way....

Just wanted to respond back and say that I received my order and I am very pleased with the make and feel of the suede sleeve. I've spent a lot of time trying to find something that's durable, protective, tasteful, form fitting, and isn't cumbersome in the slightest. I move a lot, travel as a pedestrian on a daily basis and try to live very minimalistic, but the Playstation Vita is one of the few luxuries I've afforded myself because of it's portability, so it feels nice to treat it well, as a long term investment with something that perfectly suited my needs, from a specialty company with a rare quality of products. For some people, transporting things is such an essential part of life, and WaterField is definitely a name I know now. Don't be surprised if I come back soon for the full carrying case and a few other things in the future.

Thanks for the service and prompt delivery,

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