Racer-X in Blue with Mountain Bike Grip Handle
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Built to Bolt for your Mac. Perfect fit and hardcase protection for your Apple laptop and necessities. Plush interior hugs your laptop when zipped shut. Mountain bike grip handle is as cool as and comfy as it gets. Suspension Shoulder Strap will lighten your load for the long haul. Meet your laptop's new best friend.

Available in two sizes:
15" MacBook Pro Racer-X - $179 - 14.75"x11"x4.25" / 2.8 lb
13" MacBook Pro/Air Racer-X - $169 - 13.75"x10"x4.25" / 2.5 lb

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From: "David Peters" <peters@.com>
To: "WaterField Designs" <heygary@sfbags.com>
Subject: Re: Your Racer-X Bag

I bought one about two months ago. Given: the service was incredible as always (I own or have owned a couple of other WF bags). As for the bag itself: Gary hardly does it justice! This is a classic undersell (sneaky sneaky-- but Gary doesn't have to oversell his products-- they do that for themselves, as do the lunatics like me that buy them). ... See MoreI can't imagine a better bag for my MacBook Unibody. The fit is perfect; the strap is ingeniously comfortable and effective, eliminating sway and lurching. The "other" compartment is more cavernous than it looks, and efficiently organized. The look is crisp, clean and modern (and passably professional to boot). And the bag doesn't wear. I expect this bag and cockroaches to be all that is left in pretend-Manhattan after next week's episode of 24. Yes, it costs more than some bags, but it is a great investment that will almost certainly outlast even your most reliable Apple laptop. Another great job, Gary!

From: "Charles Prusik" <cprusik@.com>
To: "WaterField Designs" <heygary@sfbags.com>
Subject: Re: On the way....


I've just received my Racer X today, exactly two days after shipment. Its a beautiful, sturdy bag and it fits my MacBook perfectly. I look forward to using it for many years to come.

I found your website through a Google search for laptop bags by way of a laptop bag review blog. I chose the Racer X after looking at countless other bags and companies. What I received today was everything I hoped for and the speedy delivery got it to me that much sooner. I'll be sure to recommend WaterField to all those I know.

Thanks for exceeding my expectations!

Best regards,
Charles Prusik

From: terry@.com
To: WaterField Designs <heygary@sfbags.com>
Subject: Re: On the way....

My bag has arrived. Even faster than I had expected.

I want to tell the team out there that this bag is EVEN BETTER than I thought it would be. Clearly, this is another best-in-class tool in my life.

I'm not a guy who "buys fancy" just for bragging rights. I value a well-designed, well-made object and I tend to rely on it.

I also tend to tout it to others. For instance, between seeing my friendly FedEx guy and now, I have already alerted my two sons that THIS is the bag that they each should have. And I have already thanked my wife (who is the giver).

You folks should be very, very pleased with your products. There is SO much total junk out there for carrying and protecting computers. The world needs to find out about WaterField.


From: Yogi Japendranatha <japendra@.org
To: ask gary <askGary@sfbags.com>
Subject: Re: On the way...

Aloha, Rommel and team at WaterField Designs.

You're welcome, and thank you. Everyone really loves the new bags. We discovered that in our wet climate (we live on Kauai at the foot of Mount Waialeale, the wettest spot on Earth), we definitely needed to upgrade to something that closed up nicely. Thanks for making the Racer X in this 17" size. Great design, and light too. We ordered these just in time for a few of the monks who left on a several-week trip to Asia, and they particularly liked the feature of being able to place the bag over the handle of a rolling carry-on suitcase with that simple zipper sleeve in the back.

Yogi Japendranatha

From: rich.barrett@.com
Subject: Re: Good reason
To: gary@sfbags.com

Writing for no reason except to say my Racer X is one of the few tools in my life that I enjoy using every day. Thanks for a great product!

From: neil@.com
Subject: Re: On the way...
To: gary@sfbags.com

I just love my Racer-X 17". It's the PERFECT size bag for the Powerbook 17.

I'm really impressed with the Racer-X sleeve. It's so easy to insert and remove the 17". It is amazing how much stuff the front compartment can neatly hold without bulging and losing shape.

Lastly... the quality. Very well done.

Thanks for making such a great bag for such a GREAT computer...without making the bag as gargantuan as the Powerbook 17 itself.

Neil Ducoff

From: pete@.com
To: askgary@sfbags.com
Subject: My bag is already here!


The Racer-X arrived this morning and looks terrific. At first I thought - "it's so small" but once I got my phone, bus. cards, wallet, camera, etc in there, I thought "it's perfect". I bought a small computer so I could take it everywhere, so why buy a big bag? The quality is outstanding, and the elasticized pockets and grip are brilliant. I think the strap will work out great as well - I'll let you know!

Thanks again for everything - your super customer service makes the price of the bag a lot easier to take.

Your happy customer,

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