Finn Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S4
Finn Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S4
Smartphone Suede Jacket:
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Suede Jacket
  • suede jacket
  • suede jacket
  • suede jacket
Suede Jacket style options:
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Purple
Finn Wallet:
  • Finn Wallet
  • Finn Wallet
  • Waxed Canvas and Flash Silver
  • Black

Samsung Smartphone Cases

Naked no more, S4! Two choices. A Samsung S4 case to fit your every need.

  • Suede Jacket—Dress it up and keep your S4 scratch free while inside your jeans pocket or another bag.  Optional rear pocket holds earbuds or cards. Available in black, purple, blue and beige.
  • Finn Wallet—Stash your cash, cards and S4 (or HTC One) in the size 69 Finn wallet. Choose from six leather colors, tan waxed canvas or high-tech silver "Flash" nylon. Self-locking zippers keep contents secure.

Shipping option: 

First Class Mail $2 for domestic S4 Case orders

Choose from three cases
1. Suede Jacket. $10–$14

2. Finn Wallet. $39

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From: Corey
Subject: Thanks

I bought my iPhone the other day, and due to a screwup, Apple let me pick any case I wanted in the store, free of charge. Knowing I had a iPhone 3g Suede Jacket on the way, I tried to find something at any price that was better than the iPhone 3G Suede Jacket. I could not. The $35 case I ended up getting at the Apple store did not satisfy my needs.

Today I received the iPhone Suede jacket, which was less than half the price, and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It adds almost no thickness in your pocket, protects your iPhone against annoying scratches and removes fingerprint grease without the possibility of scratching the phone. The jacket fits tightly around the iPhone, and there is just enough fabric to make sure it's protected.

I am recommending the iPhone 3G Suede Jacket, as well as Waterfield, to anyone who buys an iPhone. Gary not only sells great products, but he also cares about his customers. Some online retailers treat their customers like order numbers. Gary treats you as if you were walking into the Waterfield store. Kudos Gary, thanks for the great shopping experience.

From: Glenn Sakamoto
Subject: Re: iPhone Jacket

Dear WD

This is my first time dealing with Waterfield Designs and I did not know what to expect. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the quality and design of my new iPhone Suede Jacket.

In addition your customer service, great product, and delivery exceeded my expectations. I am recommending you to all of my friends and I look forward to shopping with you in the future. What a wonderful company to do business with!

Thank you!


From: Ben
Subject: Re: On the way....


I just received the iPhone jacket. It is exactly what I was looking for, and it fits great.

I found the website by doing a fair amount of Google searching. I was trying to find a sleeve or something like that. I didn't want anything bulky or with a clip. I also didn't want to hide the great color customization I got from Colorware, Inc. with a case. This will protect my phone and screen when in my pocket while allowing me to take it out of the jacket when in use. Perfect.

Thanks again,

From: Michael Moon
Subject: Re: On the way....

Hi Gary

Thank you very much for the information on my order. I've been a huge fan of your products for years but haven't purchased anything recently. I plan to purchase an iPhone in the near future and, because I like to carry my phones in my pockets, your suede jacket case is the best option on the market for me. I'm pleased about this because your company is one I am eager to continue to support. I always know I'll be receiving a top quality product when I order from the folks at WaterField Designs.


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