Tablet Suede Jacket
Tablet Suede Jacket
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Tablet Suede Jacket™

It doesn't get any thinner than this! The Tablet Suede Jacket helps prevent scratches and dings on your Tablet and the custom-sizing plus stretch memory of the Ultrasuede® insures a snug fit. This elegant, low-profile Tablet Sleeve slips easily into a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack and helps protect your precious tablet from the minor bumps and bruises of daily use. You can even use it to keep your shiny new screen clean.

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First Class Mail $2 for domestic Tablet Suede Jacket orders

Google Nexus 7 & 10

Surface 2 & Surface Pro with or without Microsoft covers 

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From: Felix Lu
Subject: Re: On the way....


Here's my feedback.

So I was looking for some light-weight and simple protection for my google nexus 7, but I couldn't find anything that fits my need on I don't like adding a cover or the leather covering the edges of the screen. I found your website by randomly picking when I google, and now I'm very happy with this jacket sleeve. It's simple and fits the device perfectly - not too loose to let the device slip around but not too tight to make you force the device in and out either. I also like that this jacket has loops to help you push the device in or pull out. The shipping speed is also awesome. One thing I hope it could improve is the material - it likes to attract lint. No big deal though.

Overall I really like this thing and am very satisfied with the shipping. I hope this thing lasts. That would be perfect. I will consider buying more of your stuff for my other devices in the future.

p.s. Maybe you guys could consider selling your stuff on That's where I usually go (and get disappointed). It really took a while before I discovered your website...


From: Paul
Subject: Re: On the way...

Hi Gary,

The bags arrived today. I have to say I'm bitterly disappointed. There's absolutely nothing I can find fault with! Good job!

I'm one satisfied customer and glad that I purchased from you...

Best regards,

From: Christina
Subject: Re: iPad Suede Jacket


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new iPad Suede Jacket. It strikes a perfect balance between fitting snugly
and being easy to slide on and off, and is an ideal, slim solution for protecting my iPad from scratches, smudges and dust in my
briefcase or my Muzetto. I do have an Ultimate Sleeve Case as well, for situations where my iPad needs added protection, but for a slim, stylish, simple, extremely inexpensive solution, I think every iPad should have a Suede Jacket!


From: Jason Schwartz
Subject: Re: On the way....

Got the sleeve in a timely manner. It's incredibly well crafted. Even though its probably the most basic thing you guys make, the quality I'm used to shines through. The padding on the bottom is perfect, and the sleeve fits like a glove. Its definitely the envy of my coworkers. My wife wants a pink one. Is there any hope? Thanks Gary and crew.

Jason Schwartz

From: Steeve
Subject: Re: On the way....

The sleeve arrived today, and I've already received 2 compliments about it. I must admit I am feeling pretty satisfied with myself for making the correct choice. I did a lot of research before deciding on Waterfield, but the small element of doubt that remained was completely gone once I had it in my hands.The quality is obvious, it fits perfectly, is very comfortable, and there's no way I could improve on your design. The material is very nice too. All in all, I know where to go and whom to recomend now.

Thank you

From: Carl
Subject: Re: On the way....

Dear Gary,
As usual, your company continues to provide exemplary customer service. You keep your customers updated if items they've ordered are out of stock and then again when new stock has been received. You even make sure the customer still is interested in the original order. I do most of my purchasing on-line and WaterField Designs honestly has, by far, the best customer service of any and also provides an elegant, well-made product. I wish all companies and businesses were as caring and customer-oriented as WaterField.

Dr. Carl

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