VertiGo 2.0 Laptop Bag

  • VertiGo 2.0 laptop bag
    VertiGo 2.0 laptop bag
  • VertiGo 2.0 Laptop Bag
  • VertiGo 2.0 - Black Ballistic & Brown Waxed Canvas
    VertiGo 2.0 - Black Ballistic & Brown Waxed Canvas
  • VertiGo 2.0 magazine pocket
    VertiGo 2.0 magazine pocket
  • VertiGo 2.0 main laptop compartment
    VertiGo 2.0 main laptop compartment
  • Interior with Pockets
    Interior with Pockets
  • L-R: Large, Medium, and Small Sizes
    L-R: Large, Medium, and Small Sizes
  • Size Small
    Size Small
  • Size Medium
    Size Medium
  • Size Large
    Size Large
  • All Waxed Canvas
    All Waxed Canvas
  • Waxed Canvas & Chocolate Leather +$20
    Waxed Canvas & Chocolate Leather +$20
  • Waxed Canvas & Black Leather +$20
    Waxed Canvas & Black Leather +$20
  • All Black Ballistic
    All Black Ballistic
  • Ballistic & Chocolate Leather +$20
    Ballistic & Chocolate Leather +$20
  • Ballistic & Black Leather +$20
    Ballistic & Black Leather +$20
$129.00 $149.00 $149.00 $129.00 $149.00 $149.00 $139.00 $159.00 $159.00 $139.00 $159.00 $159.00 $149.00 $169.00 $169.00 $149.00 $169.00 $169.00 The VertiGo 2.0 is a laptop bag for men. Made of waxed canvas, nylon ballistic and leather. Can fit MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, tablets, Surface Pro 3.
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Lightweight Champion. This ideal business and traveling companion can hold a surprising amount of gear without feeling too heavy. Vertical positioning helps lighten your load and sturdy materials keep the bag looking like new after years of use. Meticulous details make the stylish bag ultra-functional: pockets where you need them—zippered for security, open for ease of access. Handles and a strap that tuck away easily away when using the other. Laptops, MacBooks, iPads, and tablets can easily fit into one of three sizes.

Glove-fitting laptop sleeves are sold separately in the WaterField Designs Mac & PC SleeveCase pages.


Size & Dimensions

  • Small: Fits iPad Air & 11" MacBook Air
    8.5" x 12" x 3.5", 1.2 lbs.
  • Medium: Fits 13" Mac laptops
    10.5" x 13" x 3.8", 1.5 lbs.
  • Large: Fits 15" Mac laptops
    10.8" x 16" x 3.8", 1.7 lbs.

Black ballistic, brown waxed canvas, black or chocolate leather. Front pocket with magnet closure and zippered pocket inside. Open back pocket. Key fob and two open internal pockets. YKK self-locking zippers. Dual handles. No-slip shoulder pad.

*Limited quantity of VertiGo 1.0 in stock.

Waxed Canvas Body

Waxed Canvas Body, Black Leather Panel

Black Leather Panel

Waxed Canvas Body, Chocolate Leather Panel

Chocolate Panel

Waxed Canvas Body, Brown Waxed Canvas Panel

Brown Waxed Canvas Panel

Black Ballistic Body

Black Ballistic Body, Black Leather Panel

Black Leather Panel

Black Ballistic Body, Chocolate Leather Flap

Chocolate Leather Panel

Black Ballistic Body, Black Ballistic Panel

Black Ballistic Panel

Does the VertiGo have padding for a laptop or should I use a SleeveCase with it?

The VertiGo is like a vertical messenger bag. Although it is a very substantial bag it is not padded, so that you can use it without your laptop as a day- or travel-bag. For those times you don't need the extra padding. When you are carrying your laptop, you'll want to use your SleeveCase to give your laptop protection.

What is the advantage of a vertical bag for my laptop?

The vertical positioning of the VertiGo bag helps to make your load feel lighter and less cumbersome, making your laptop more comfortable to carry.

How much gear will I be able to fit into my VertiGo along with my laptop and SleeveCase?

While the VertiGo is a fairly minimalist bag, it can still hold a lot of gear. In addition to your laptop and SleeveCase, you can fit your personal items (phone, PDA, pens, keys, etc.) some magazines or files and a few other items. How much more you can fit depends in part on the size of your laptop.

What is the 'Shoulder Pad'?

The included Shoulder Pad is a removable cushion lined with non-sliding material to prevent bags from slipping off your shoulder or wrinkling your clothes. It is designed to move along the shoulder strap so you can place the pad on your shoulder even if you move the VertiGo from your side to your back in order to carry it in the style of a messenger bag.

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Restless Tech

WaterField VertiGo Review

Restless Tech

"the VertiGo shows an almost insane attention to detail. The stitching is gorgeous with not a thread out of place."

"The simplicity of the VertiGo is actually a strength. With very little internal structure the VertiGo is easy to adapt to carrying whatever it is you need to carry around."

"The VertiGo has definitely got the finesse to get you and your stuff where you want to go!"

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