17" SleeveCase with a Large Cargo Bag
Cargo Mambo Combo

Save when you purchase a Cargo, SleeveCase and Medium Gear Pouch. Fill out the steps to set up your Cargo Mambo Combo. Only Horizontal SleeveCases will work inside the Cargo.

What size SleeveCase will fit in each size Cargo? Click here to find out.

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Cargo with SleeveCase
Optional SleeveCase inside a Small Cargo Bag (shown with
13" MacBook Pro)

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When ordering the Piggyback you
also need to order the Shoulder Strap.

Testimonials > More of what our customers are saying

From: Bill <bill@.com>
To: heygary@sfbags.com
Subject: Re: Large Cargo Bag

One year-ish and 100K+ miles of air travel with the large cargo, laptop sleeve, gear pouch, cableguy, and 6x9.

Shame on you for making a bag and accessories that hold up so well. Your bankers will not be happy I won't be buying another bag in this size for a while.

I'd also like to congratulate you on the bags' ability to compress dimensional space. NASA will be keen on that aspect, I'm sure. It's perfect. Laptop, cables, phones, mice, moleskines, business cards, keys, wallet, Clif bars, memory sticks, noise cx headset, inflatable travel pillow…and the list goes on.

It all fits. It's like a magic hat you just keep pulling things out from. Fits under aircraft seats with not even a notice from a flight attendant. It looks brand new. I've contemplated dragging it around on the floor just to earn some scratches and wear for street cred with my peers. Rides over the handle of my carry-on like a Bedouin on camelback.

Awesome service up front. Jeez, now I want another one in a different flavor. Mission accomplished. Customer for life.


From: Monica <monica@.com>
To: heygary@sfbags.com
Subject: Re: Cargo Bag

Hey Gary,

My brother gifted me the medium red leather cargo bag about 3 years ago. I was DELIGHTED with your product. As the years went by, and as I upgraded laptops, I saw that all I needed to purchase was a corresponding sleeve, which, of course, I made sure would fit the cargo bag. Safe to say, this time of my laptop upgrade, I went and made sure, before even purchasing my current laptop, it would both fit the sleeve and the cargo bag. This tells you how much I love love love and rely on your product.

Thanks so so so much!

Monica Maekawa

From: Antoine <a@.com>
To: heygary@sfbags.com
Subject: RE : On the way

Hey Gary,

I received the Cargo Mambo Combo yesterday and... I love it! I caught a review of the SleeveCase at www.notebookreview.com. Having the ability to drop the Cargo bag and carry the SleeveCase as a satchel is perfect, especially with the piggyback! I looked at other bags; I got to your website and then I couldn't settle for anything else, but a WaterField.

I wouldn't even call this a "bag", this is something else--it's special.

Thanks, Antoine

From: Kimberly Ruohio <kimr@.fi>
To: gary@sfbags.com
Subject: small cargo + ipod case praise :)
Hi, I got the small cargo bag and ipod case a while back, and I haven't had a chance to let you know how awesome they are.
I mean, this is the perfect gear bag. No more fishing for my sunglasses, just unzip and pull out of the inside pouch. Extremely handy to be able to reach everything quickly. Thing is, it's still not really full, it still keeps its thin elegant design. If you need to carry more, you should go up to a bigger version of this bag, but the small cargo bag is perfect for the person who has gear. It's designed so that things are easy to access, the build quality is great, and did I mention it looks good?

This is IMO, the perfect bag. :) Keep up the great work!

Kimberly Ruohio

From: Jeff Abbott <ja@.com>
To: WaterField Designs (Gary) <gary@sfbags.com>
Subject: Large Cargo Experience

Hi Gary:

I am a very happy customer!

"The Cargo bag is the best laptop bag I've ever had. It's smartly designed so you have ample storage and can easily organize and find what you need. The bag is very well made, and WaterField has added lots of cool, thoughtful touches to make using the bag even better. The distinctive colors make it much easier to reclaim your bag when you go through airport security and avoid confusing it with all the other look-a-like bags. Plus, I get lots of compliments on how cool the bag looks. And the laptop sleeve I got is both stylish and gives my PowerBook great protection. Best of all, WaterField clearly cares about their customers--my questions were answered promptly and my order was fulfilled quickly and efficiently."

Jeff Abbott
Austin, TX

Subject: Re: On the way...
From: Danny Ngan <dj@.com>
To: Gary <gary@sfbags.com>

I got my Taxi Medium Cargo yesterday and finally got to test it out today. All I can say is WOW! Not only can the bag hold tons of stuff (books, art supplies, digital camera, digital camcorder, water bottle, etc.), it is also very comfortable to carry around. And I haven't even tried carrying my iBook yet (it'll arrive tomorrow...).

Thank you for designing such a kick-a$$ bag. I've gone through several bags in the last few months, and this one is definitely a keeper.

Keep up the great work! I'll be recommend your bags to everyone I know.

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