Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker:
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
  • Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker
Nintendo 3DS XL Suede Jacket:
  • Flame
Nintendo 3DS XL Gear Pouch Pro & Available Colors:
  • Nintendo 3DS XL Gear Pouch Pro
  • Gear Pouch Pro
  • Gear Pouch Pro
  • Gear Pouch Pro
  • Tangerine
  • Flash
  • Green

Nintendo 3DS XL Cases

As recommended by Mario and Luigi to revolutionize your 3DS/XL. From Zelda to Castlevania, our compact and protective Nintendo 3DS XL and 3DS Cases hold it all.

The slim 3DS/XL CitySlicker is constructed of ballistic nylon, a double layer leather flap and a scratch free interior liner. The back of the case has a stretchable, self-locking zippered pocket to hold your games and ear-buds. On the exterior of the flap, choose between our Black, Kiwi, Orange, Camel or Muzetto Brown leather.

The 3DS/XL Suede Jacket is a minimalist, form-fitting case made from soft, washable Ultrasuede® that protects the 3DS XL or 3DS from nicks and scratches. You can also use it to clean your screen.

The 3DS/XL Gear Pouch Pro is a sleek and uniquely-fashioned nylon case available in either green, tangerine (orange) or silver textured, environmentally-friendly, metallic material, each with a bold stripe. Soft, lightly-padded, interior pockets hold the 3DS XL or 3DS and its accessories. Self-locking zippers keep contents secure. Compact and light, the 3DS XL Gear Pouch Pro makes taking entertainment on the road effortless and cool.

Three Case Options:
- 3DS/XL CitySlicker: $49
- 3DS/XL Suede Jacket: $12-$15
- 3DS/XL Gear Pouch Pro: $45

Order your case now
A. Nintendo 3DS / XL CitySlicker - $49

B. Nintendo 3DS / XL Suede Jacket - $12-$15

C. Nintendo 3DS / XL Gear Pouch Pro - $45


From: Isaac Overacker
Subject: On the way….

Hey Gary,

I am once again truly impressed by the quality of the products you and your team produce. The CitySlicker for the 3DS XL is the most beautiful way to protect my gaming system and goes wonderfully with my Muzetto and Outback laptop sleeve.

Looking forward to enjoying my next purchase.



From: Andrew Strozier
Subject: Pleased w/ 3DS case.

I wanted to let you know that I got my CitySlicker case for my 3DS about a week ago, and I've greatly enjoyed having it. It's got perfect functionality, while looking and feeling superb. I'm so pleased with the 3DS case that I've ordered one for my Vita as well, and am considering ordering some in the future as gifts. Frankly I never thought I'd spend $50 on an electronics case, but I can say that, for me, it was well worth it.

Keep up the great work, guys.

From: Chris
Subject: RE: On the way....

Hi Gary, thank you so much for the case, I received it yesterday. It is perfect for the DSi, I really like how it slides easily on and off the device. This will allow me to keep my DSi in one of my jacket pockets and keep the device from rubbing up against the interior. Thanks again!

I have my eye on one of those messenger bags next.



From: Stephanie
Subject: RE: On the way....

Hi Gary,

I just want to thank you for SFbags great service (everytime!) - from the easy to use website, great confirmation, and fast shipping!

I wanted to find a case for my Nintendo DS lite and thought - hmm, wonder if SFbags have it? (I'm still using the small iPod gear pouch until now - it's very durable and great for all the accesories!) As soon as I saw that you have a case for the Nintendo DS lite (Plus all the amazing reviews about it) I immediately purchased it. I don't have to tell you that it's AMAZING. It fits everything I want and protects my DS lite, stylish, and so compact and the material is well, SFbags material - wonderful! I've been getting praises for it too!

My sister is having a birthday soon and she also have a DS lite. I actually wanted to give her something else for her birthday but it fell apart - and it's next week! I had an idea and decided that I should get her a case from you. (I also decided to buy another case for my other sister - her birthday is coming also!) I ordered my case Thursday night near midnight, and got an e-mail from you Friday saying that it's shipped. Saturday morning i got a knock on my door and it's the postman delivering your package! AWESOME shipping service! (THANK YOU!)

I am truly recommending your products to others and will purchase from you again!

Thank you VERY MUCH!

Have a wonderful day,


From: Michele Magrini
Subject: Re: On the way....

I'm writing from Italy. I bumped to your site just surfing on the Web looking for a good case for my new Nintendo DS Lite. I was a bit disappointing because all the cases I found out there in eBay, Amazon, italian webshops, etc. where cheaper, yes, but made with poor quality, too. It was very clear looking at the pics! So, at last I jumped into your website and I've been very surprised to see a such good case made of quality materials! And this impression were supported by those many reviews and testimonials I read on your site.

After that, I remembered that I just need a case for my *all-new-macbook-pro* (my little baby!) because old Powerbook case doesn't fit on it. So, in order to save money with the shipping, I ordered it, too. :-)

It's my pleasure to tell you that the two cases I ordered on your website arrived this morning, within only 10 days from the order. :)

And you were right, the cases are truly well sewn, their quality is impressive and they're worth their cost.

The DS Lite case sizing is *perfect*!
My best regards,


From: Karen O'Keefe
Subject: Re: On the way....

Hi Gary

I have received my Nintendo DS Lite case I ordered from you and I absolutely 'love' it!! It is such high quality, everything I wanted in a case for my DS Lite, I have bought a couple of cases in the past but did not like any of them, I am so happy I found out about your cases, it was worth it buying from you even though I live in the UK, delivery was quick and the case was perfectly packaged.

Thank you for designing a 'perfect' case for the Nintendo DS Lite :o)

From Karen

From: Albert Coughlan
Subject: Re: On the way....

To Gary and Tanja,

I received the DS Lite case today and am absolutely impressed. The quality of the product is outstanding. Everything fits nice and snug and the case itself feels very durable. It's so refreshing to see such quality products built in the U.S.A.

Just wanted to pass on a note to tell you how happy I am with the case and thank you for your exceptional customer service. I will be recommending others to check out your products and I will definitely buy again.


From: Trey Thurston
Subject: received and grateful


I recevied my Black/Black pattern DS case and am very pleased. Your companies personal handling of protocol was something I am not used to dealing with(Amazon, etc).

If there are any other DS accessories that your company makes, or will make, I would be interested.

I hope your company does very well (Especially considering how expensive it must be to be based in San Fran)

Thanks again,


From: Tina Mauk
Subject: Re: On the way....

Hi Gary,

Thanx for your fast shipping, only four days from San Franciso to Germany is very fast. My last order from somewhere in the United States lasted about three and a half weeks (they called it 'express shipping').

In reality the case looks even better than on the pics, if this is possible at all. The case fits like a glove to the NDS lite, and it's really amazing how much accessories can be stored in it.
It's really worth it's price! In the last few days I have been asked several times about this case, and I always recommended your website.
I wish you further lots of success!

Thanx again,


From: Donnie Nameth
Subject: Order


I received my Nintendo DS case today. I absolutely love it. I placed my order on Monday and received it on Thursday. I very impressed with the quick turn around time. I love this product and your website is fantastic and very easy to use. It's not often I take the time to send comments on the products I buy. However it's not often that I am this impressed with the product and your company. I will tell everyone I know how pleased I am to deal with a professional, first class company.

Thank You,

From: Nicholas
Subject: Re: On the way...


I just got the case, and I'm impressed. It's a small and sturdy design. I just bought my girlfriend a pink DS Lite, and I'll try and convince her to get a pink-accented case from you guys. I support word-of-mouth companies heavily when I like the product, of course.

Keep up the great products, and thanks again!


From: Jodi C.
Subject: Re: On the way.....

Hi Gary,

I am a long-time reader of Oh Gizmo! ( and they posted about your DS Lite cases today.

Thank you so much for having such amazingly prompt customer service, by the way. I'm mentioning it in every email I'm sending to friends and family today.

Within half an hour of placing my online order, someone had called me to let me know the item I ordered was sold out and there would be a slight delay in sending it, and would that be ok. You just don't find customer service like that anywhere anymore. It's like a little xmas miracle.


Jodi Coonce (a new loyal customer)

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