The WaterField Case for the Nintendo Switch

The WaterField Case for the Nintendo SwitchWe’re so excited about the new Nintendo Switch that we have several new cases up our sleeve! Share your ideas and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest Switch Case updates. Need a case for your 3DS or 3DS XL? Check out our Nintendo 3DS CitySlicker Case.


Thank you to the thousands who participated.
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UPDATE #8- March 27, 2017

We developed three awesome cases together for the Nintendo Switch, and the response has been amazing. Thank you for all your support!



UPDATE #7- March 14, 2017

The Switch CitySlicker has started shipping, and the MultiPlayer Pro Case continues to be tweaked— a removable 10-game leather game card holder is now included, and the CitySlicker fits nicely in the upper pocket so the two can be used together. Also, for the really light packers, we’re introducing a NEW! SWITCH POUCH.

All WaterField Switch cases are now available for order.

UPDATE #6- March 3, 2017

Now that we have the real thing, we’re finalizing the Switch CitySlicker Case for production. Thanks everyone who placed their pre-orders.

We’ve also updated the MultiPlayer Pro Case for the Switch and it’s now available for pre-order.

UPDATE #5 - February 25, 2017

For the Pro users who want to take along a power bank, controllers, extra Joy-Cons, more games, we’ve developed the Multiplayer Switch Case. This case is ideal for taking your Switch to parties or for travel. Take a peek at the prototype:

Based on the past Surveys, these are the use cases for the Pro user:

  • Life of the Party: you bring the whole Switch set-up to the party for everyone to play. This includes the Switch Console, 4 Joy-Cons, Dock.
  • LAN Party: everyone brings their own unique Switch set-up and ready to play with each other. This includes the Switch Console, 2 Joy-Cons, Grip, Pro Controller, portable chargers.
  • Travel & Play: you bring what you need to stay entertained while on a train, plane, or car. This includes the Switch Console, 2 Joy-Cons, cables for charging, and maybe the Grip.

UPDATE #4 - February 18, 2017

Thanks for your comments. We’ve modified the prototype for the CitySlicker Case to include some items you asked about. 

UPDATE #3 - February 10, 2017

Here’s a sneak peek at the prototype for the Minimalist User.

UPDATE #2 - February 3, 2017

We’ve received the 3-D printed model of the Nintendo Switch!

UPDATE #1 - January 27, 2017

We read over 500 survey responses and now we have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for. We’ll be working with a 3D printed model to get the fit just right. We’re now heads down on designing cases that will work for you.


When Nintendo announced the NEW Nintendo Switch on January 12, 2017, we wanted to make the best possible case for it. So, we started by asking you with our first survey.

WaterField Nintendo Switch Survey